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04 April 2006

the TEA BREAK. Twice a day, all work stops and they actually ring a bell and there is a TEA BREAK at my new job..?!![More:]

Very strange, this. I am used to surfing the web and taking a break when I want to take a break - not talking about smalltalkey things like tattooes and hairstyles with my cow-orkers. Also after fighting with a database all morning I am not the happiest of campers. I want to go have a cigarette and say bitter, gloomy things about software, the Iraq war, and the like.

Instead I am talking about tattoos and hairstyles and shopping. (all women office.)and having MILK AND SUGAR in my tea, and chocolate with calories in it.

I suppose it's a good way to blend into a new office. Maybe I'll get used to it!

Reminds me of this

Cow-orkers are wonderful.
posted by essexjan 04 April | 16:06
btgog you might grow to like it. You can still talk about the Iraq war and other irkities over tea, no? :D
posted by chewatadistance 04 April | 16:35
Urgh. Forced socializing. With the Kathies, no less. Screw that, frankly. Although I have learned that going out & smoking & generally being bitter and cynical rather than smiling & nodding & talking hairstyles will not win you popularity points (and will draw attention to your possibly 'different lifestyle' gawd forbid). However, the few times I've tried I've never been able to keep up the facade anyway, so it wasn't worth the aggravation. Plus at least staying out of the coffee klatsch meant avoiding some of the stupider aspects of office politics, and no-one was surprised when I politely declined invitations to baby showers in the 'burbs. If you're one of them, enjoy. If not, why bother pretending? Perhaps you're not the only one.

Sorry, was I ranting? I'll go now.
posted by elizard 04 April | 16:36
Nobody expects me to socialize at my new job. Everybody seems pretty quiet, which will be a nice change from sitting next to Loud, Obnoxious Republican Woman Who Believes In Spirit Whispering.
posted by selfnoise 04 April | 16:40
Heh, essexjan - the cow - orker thing annoys me for some reason and I've been trying to find a link like that...
posted by porpoise 04 April | 16:40
i always find that all the most interesting people are outside smoking, and not staying inside--they want air and an escape from the cube.
posted by amberglow 04 April | 18:17
i smoke for the escape and interesting people huddled around the ashbin
posted by ethylene 04 April | 18:20
This sounds like an interesting tradition that could be a good thing or a bad thing. I hope it's a good thing and that your co-workers turn out to be funny and cool!

Congratulations on the new job!
posted by halonine 04 April | 20:11
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