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Archives for: January 2006

31 January 2006

What the... Did MetaChat get into the liquor cabinet again?
why is IRC so empty?
Radio Moonbird: Cosmic Whatever, + AskMe Music. And, I'm heading out to Seattle in late Spring/early Summer. Any recommendations as to where to stay? I'd like to be as close to Cap. Hill as possible.
Beautiful agony. Just videos of people's faces as they orgasm. NSFW, obviously. Intresting concept. Found via this site, odly.
It's time to put on makeup, It's time to light the lights... Read more...
In A Ruined Country Sorry for being hyperactive today.
I just read this over at Salon about Alito and women's rights, and.... man. I feel like I should go stock up on abortions before I lose all my rights as a human being.
Breakin' up is easy to do!
My turn to share. Dwight Yoakam's Free to Go and It Only Hurts When I Cry.
You might like this if you know Tom Otterness and Zippy. [mi]
My mother is such a Noob. :-(
I worked six whole days in January. Please shoot me.
Can It Be Next Wednesday Now Please Between now and next week, I've got the biggest event of my professional life to coordinate and conduct. I feel like a snapping turtle, keep your hands away!
Tower this is Toronto 248 on aproach request V-F-R traffic advisories, Twenty Northwest Rome, seven thousand five hundred, over.
Popular songs that shouldn't have been
Is last FM dead? I noticed much of the music I played last week was not on my last FM list. Read more...
OMG Bunnies!! Found at Cute Overload, of course!
The man is keeping me down
I've been getting a lot of phishing email lately. PayPal, banks, etc. Do you guys ever report to admin at the originating email address? I've been increasingly annoyed.
I'm going to buy running shoes today. But I know nothing about them.Read more...
Metachat, your bunny tarot for today is... The Two of Cups. Aw.Read more...
post by: taz at: 09:07 | 4 comments
Worst toothpaste ad evah! This is wrong in so many ways.
TROUBLEMAKERS What pit bulls can teach us about profiling (by MALCOLM GLADWELL)
I'm concerned.... I'm not sure how to go about asking for help with this but......Read more...
Concerto De Anranjuez ~18.7MB mp3, 16-minutes long.

30 January 2006

Ask Mecha Free tools to convert a RealMedia rm file to avi/wmv/whatever?

If I can get it to avi or wmv, I can get iTunes to convert it to iPod format.
So I had this idea I'd like to get non-matching tacky collectable plates. Service for eight or so.

Are they safe to eat off of?
Together At Last! For no other reason than I like all four of them:

Do You Wanna Dance? - The Ramones
Don't Do It - The Band
Big Mouth - The Muffs
Just Between You And Me - April Wine
Shortnin' Bread - The Readymen

A punky crowd-pleaser, a great Motown cover, a killer kiss-off song, and a first degree power ballad, and the most insane reworking of a folk song in recorded history! What more could you want?!
Conservatism up in Aceh A good editorial reprinted (and since scrubbed from the newspaper's site) that gives a different view from the one we're accustomed to on Islam in Indonesia, by the way of brainy dreamboat aid worker Jesse Grayman's LJ.
(Full disclosure- I'm friends with him in real life.)
Eddy Grant - Walking on Sunshine. No, not that "Walking on Sunshine."Read more...
the doctor says my testicle is just bruised. but they told me enough about testicular torsion in health class in ninth grade that you're damn right i went to go see a doctor.

anyway she said my left nut would be fine. it's the "higher slung" of the two.

i predict not many comments.
Radio Jimbob - Broadcasting for the next coupla hours. Rare communist surf music, kitch, psychedelica, and all that.
I just heard la signora Waltraud Meier sing. It was a great night of transcendent moments -- and God knows that they are in short supply these days. Read more...
MetaChatters at Katsucon? jonmc recommeded I ask about this, since there are some anime fans in the hizzouse.Read more...
Hotel ideas in Portland, OR?
Baltimore/MD Meetup Photos Just a few pictures, but everyone is so glamorous and sexy that the quantity is more than made up for by the quality. The shoutouts were in our hearts! Especially yours! (Actually, we all forgot pens.)
MeCha Committees: A Proposal (MI, This could get long and messy) Read more...
I'm gonna be rich!
Superbowl Party at my house: Chili, bruchetta, queso, ham biscuts, chips, dips, veggies, hummus, beer beer beer, wine wine, soda, touchdown panties, teevee in every room even the bathroom, idle games of chance. Y'all come!

How do you deal with Super Sunday?
concert haiku: found poetry.
OMG Bunnies Album Cover! Make sure to click on the album cover to view the large version. Adorable and totally SFW.
Areola and nipple dye (NSFW) Bizarre. I never knew that this was something anyone thought about.
Optical illusion rooms. 3D painted rooms that reveal hidden shapes when you stand in the right place.
I'm getting my wisdom teeth yanked tomorrow.
Bug report? User profile links not working? I get 404s when I click on user names. So I went to the About section to alert the hosts, but those username links don't work either.

Sorry if this is an already known bug. I didn't see it on the To-do list.
Baby Jessica --the one that was stuck in that well ages ago--just got married.
Dear Metachat, This weekend I was contacted by a neighborhood resident to come fix her faulty wireless connection. Imagine my surprise whenRead more...
Jesus the musical [embedded video]
Hot or not got harsh Anyway, jam the balot box and put me as a 10 so I can feel good about myself. TIA.Read more...
How much would you pay for all this??? So I bought this CD second hand...Read more...

29 January 2006

Radio Matildaben About a one-hour set before I go to bed for another work-week.
Red wigglers. The cadillac of worms.
An issue of utmost importance Is it, or is it not gross to take a laptop into the bathroom with you?
Are you listening Kowalski!? I don't need you running your mouth off every time you get a two-bit crook threatening to sue the department. Straighten up, or you're outa here! Do I make myself CLEAR?
woof. Happy New Year (of the Dog)
Sunday Afternoon tunes BP Radio is starting almost immediately... a short-ish set for a Sunday afternoon.
How many of us were sports card collectors as kids?Read more...
I got my 45 on, so I can rock on....Whatchoo got?
AskMecha: a Mac life, but a PC laptop? i can get a Dell laptop for 499--would there be any way to make it play nice with my entirely mac work and home life? emulators? the new intel mac thing?

or would it be too much of a pain?
Am I Alone in the Universe, then? Where is everybody? A strange silence hangs across the land.
rreligious, atheistic, immoral bunch of bastards
The Touch. You've got it.

28 January 2006

Radio YHBC Presents "Shut Up and Dance!" Because it's Saturday Night, and there should at least be music! Now, MOVE YOUR FEET!!!
Hey, P-town, notice anything strange? Like, five minutes ago, I think...
X is a BLANK, but.... Fun with google wild card searches. I love the "X is a Y, but..."

Other good google ad-libs:
"X hates *" "X loves *" "X feels *" "X needs *" "X wants *"
post by: joelf at: 20:48
in total support of flames
I'm going to bed in an hour and a half. But you can IRC me now!
okay. i'm buying them. I want Ebb Tide, but Julia Child is lovely as well. I might buy the set and then an extra Ebb Tide. This one might be neat with some gaudy cannas behind it.

(actually I might not buy from this site, depending if some of any of the smaller online nurseries I like to support have them/price. they have nice piccies though)
Disturbing facts about face transplant I hadn't heard about the suicides or the dog. Apologies if it's old news.
Hoi! Two things: One, when did MeCha move here? What's up with that? I know that I haven't been around in a while, but huh?

Two: Awesome set of Italo Disco. I dunno. I can't post to Metafilter for another day or so, and even then I'm thinking of doing something on Aceh, so I thought I'd show this to you guys.
Because man cannot live on sweet vomit alone
A sentence I never thought I'd hear.
What are you unhappy about this morning?
Crushpaper. Inspired the crush thread, I've made a desktop of my childhood pop crush, plus one of everybody's mad crush, the lovely Mrs. Peel. Thumbs inside.
post by: taz at: 09:10 | 5 comments
Friday Flash Fun: Build isomers See how far you can go before you have to brute force it. Requires ability to mentally rotate objects. (Not really Friday; not really Flash)
AMA - Ask Mefi Anonymous Slew of Friday night anonymous posts. As of right now, 2:55 am. I dunno; I am amused.
See also: Portland, Oregon.
Pre-teen crushes: time to fess up Jon’s Partridge Family thread has sparked a few confessions of teenybopper heartthrob puppylove for David Cassidy (and one for Christopher Knight). Who got you hot before you were really sure what that meant? Read more...

27 January 2006

Ad Free Blog is a cute button with an owl to show you have no ads. No ads ring is a ring for ad free blogs Read more...
AskMeCha I got Tiger. I want bells and whistles. Which ones do you use?Read more...
Una pregunta muy importante: Partridges or Bradys?
HumpMap 'nuff said.
Updates, stat!
Hey, when's the best Ask Mefi post time? I want to post an AskMeFi question, and I would like to see a lot of answers. So, when is the best time to post?

I'm guessing that now (Friday afternoon) or any time this weekend would probably not be a good time.

Has anybody ever determined traffic patterns for AskMeFi answers? Both day of week and hour of day?
It's Mozart's 250th birthday today.
I declare that maybe Lewis Carroll often created new words... [MI]
Ask MeCha - dumb computer shit. In which I reveal the depths of my computer ignorance. Read more...
Radio Dodgy in five minutes time.
Back in Time!
Dance off with your pants off! Any dance music compilations you'd like to recommend? Read more...
Now that they have my soul, will they eat my firstborn, too?
I declare that Ihave invented a new word.
Why don't we start an Amazon associates thing for dodgy? we all read and talk about books, and with the book club need to buy them, and could make money for hosting with it. What do you think?
Mecha Blogs I am lazy and yet I love you all and want to read your blogs and look at your websites and gently pass some idle hours enjoying your creativity and the brilliance of your prose. So list them here?Read more...
Best Euphemism for Masturbation? This used to be a hobby among my pals. How do you refer to self-love?Read more...
This is making my Friday great.
What's making your Friday great?
"USA Network has ordered a pilot of "EBaum's World," a new show based on the website that hosts an irreverent collection of user-generated home videos and humor. The idea is for the show to air after RAW on Monday nights."Read more...
Whiskey, whiskey on the shelf... you were so quiet there by yourself...
There's something alive in my fridge and next week I'm supposed to report on the experience of eating it.
User pages are all 404s. Which makes me sad. [Bug report]
Image info in the Mecha Wiki. After noticing a thread regarding images on MeTa, I was finally moved to add some information about images here on the "User Guide" section of our Wiki, which I've been meaning to do for a while. So please read it for possible general educational value, or feel free to spruce up the entries to make them clearer/more useful.
Larry "Wild Man" Fischer I YSI'd these tracks for jonmc, but perhaps there are others with an interest in Wild Man who would like to partake. Enjoy!Read more...
post by: amro at: 02:46 | 1 comment
Hot damn.

26 January 2006

All day long it's been James Frey this, James Frey that! That motherfucker will be more famous than Oprah if this shit keeps up.
Random Radio Matildaben - M edition Yay, we're halfway through the alphabet. 3 hours of songs starting with M. Since it's such a common letter, I've sorted by rating, so you're just getting the 5- and 4-star stuff. Read more...
Inspire Me, MetaChat My local weekly indie rag has a great idea: record an album in a month. It starts in February. I'm kind of up for it - I'll give it a try, anyway, and see if I can get the job done. I need your inspired visions to get my mohjo working...Read more...
submitted for your approval, jonmc As mentioned when I de-lurked, you're now featured on one of my band's show flyers...Read more...
Radio Moonbird: Stress-free Edition I need to relax. Hopefully this set will help me do it. 8-930pm EST, followed by Radio Matildaben!
How much do I remind you of Jesus (or some other Messiah)?
Radio Dibs Is it OK with everyone if I get on Metachat Radio at around 6:30 PM PST / 9:30 PM PST for about 2-3 hours?
...We should've jumped out of that airplane after all...
Sillest URL you ever owned? Mine was "". I can't believe I paid lotsa money for it and did nothing with it.
Internet-Free Day, Sunday January 29th 2006. As granny used to say: "what will they think of next?" [veesa vee monkeys]
Pants= Satan I ran across this gem while I was Googling for Rosie the Riveter pants.
OMG Bunnies! If it's wrong to have a crush on Gromit, then I don't wanna be right. If you haven't seen this movie, get your hands on it!
Colorado News: Man Ticketed For Driving With Mannequin In HOV Lane Officer Mark Watters often patrols the Highway between Sheridan Boulevard and Zuni Street and said he remembered seeing the same vehicle in the HOV lane before and thought that the passenger didn't look right.
More about jobs & neurosis. This time in whine. Read more...
A Ranting Thread
I QUIT!! Today I quit my job.
Radio b - More or less two hours of your life you'll wish you had back Coming up at approximately half past the hour. Forewarned is forearmed.
Oprah has a million little questions. She did her show live today, with author James Frey. But today's show was very different from the last time he was on. Read more...
Public Image Ltd on the Old Grey Whistle Test, 02/80. Performing 'Poptones' and 'Careering'. Really really nice, bleak, & raw for the art-rock minded.
Bunnies can read. Well, this one can.
I am eponymous. Justice is my sidearm and I have eels in my blood. Your shoes do not know my name, but we have been introduced. Your futility will not save you, but you may save your futility. If your dog is on fire, put it out for the night. Kiss me, you beautiful mastadon!
Blogger's 1/2 hour of "Planned Maintenance" was supposed to end 18 hours ago but its still unavailable. Is this Bush's fault too?
In the Spirit of the Lovers flash, sound which is kind of nsfw I guess Also, OMG Bunny!
Year of the Dog To celebrate the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac, one talented person will draw a dog each day for the entire year.
I bought a pack of these at an italian specialty shop last night. It's like chewable coffee crack.
What are you wearing today?
Did everybody else but me already realize that gmail ignores periods in the email address before the at sign? Feel free to send me email at nobodybutyours[at]gmail or nobody.but.yours[at]gmail or no..body....but..y.o.u.r.s[at]gmail or any other permutation you can dream up.Read more...
Metachat, your bunny tarot for today is... The Lovers! Read more...
post by: taz at: 07:59 | 3 comments
Some old country (zip). I found a three-disc set of old country music for $3.99, and I'm sharing my bounty with my favorite people in the world.Read more...

25 January 2006

Porpoise killed me. How would you kill me? Bonus points for involving robots.
Hey you! You've been shouted out. For everyone not at the MeFi meetup in SF last night. Frisbee, ooga booga - we missed you! But fear not, pints were hoisted in your honor.

I was ruthlessly promoting the upcoming SF Bluegrass and Old Time Music festival. Particularly the Flat Mountain Girls from Portland, who were fantastic last year. I am hereby encouraging Bay Area folks to show up.
Where are all the men?
Radio YHBC Presents a special programme of Nothing but the Very Best Rock Songs of All Time Read more...
In which, I'll expose my most recent hopeless crush. (kinda) Read more...
Hopefully Not Random Radio Laundry Some various stuff that's supposed to play in the order I want it to. ;-) We can hope.
Let me ask you guys something? Do I actually make sense?Read more...
Turning the tables -- New York Times's food critic, Frank Bruni, learns what it's like to be a waiter (at Chris Schlesinger's East Coast Grill, Central Square, Cambridge, MA).
Radio Moonbird Redux A re-broadcast of the "RAUNCHY" set a few nights ago, with some even more relevant tracks. 5pm EST.
Did somebody mention dreams? I'm sure someone did. Didn't they? Well, I dreamed that I died last night (was killed, actually), which I've never, ever dreamed before.Read more...
MetaChatter in exile Work has been kicking my ass this week; can someone give me a pick-me-up?
One of my cats has become a kleptomaniac.
best thread ever There is a bat wang in thread, thanks to q. So maybe NSFW?
Sup everyone! I'm totally at work doin' stuff! What are you guys up to??
Dr. Inge Loy-English. I just have to share that combination.
Is there such a thing Dept: Is there a book to help tactless people successfully navigate the backstabbing political waters of business?
It's the day after the most depressing day of the year! So how's it going?
Be direct.
Metachat, your bunny tarot for today is... The Empress. Read more...
post by: taz at: 04:53 | 7 comments
Lapina and Marmosetto dancing Sex Bomb Some people are just silly, don't you think? (Google video, 49 sec.)
post by: taz at: 02:53 | 2 comments
Help me impress my girlfriend. Does anyone have a copy of The Frames' cover of "Everytime" by Britney Spears? Coud you, ahem, "help me find a legal copy available for purchase?"
Hi. I just called to say I love you.

24 January 2006

blackface jesus is back! ==and available for interview! ; >

post by: amberglow at: 22:32
chatfilter... Meh. I liked the question, and it was deleted before I could respond. Here's my answer.
Come Play on IRC!!! It's just Matildaben and Me!
Do you guys have any local bands to recommend? Bands who aren't on major labels that is.
Here's the "Waltz for Debby" (7.8 MB mp3) that comes recommended (and raved about) in this Metafilter thread. Track 1 from "The Bill Evans Trio Live at the Village Vanguard, 1961."Read more...
More Random Radio Laundry Random stuff from the Mecha YSI Miscellaneous Folder. Read more...
Just what have you done for ME lately, huh?
What's the definition of 'Santorum' again? [From a speech delivered at a recent Centre County Republican Party event]: "What I'm asking all of you tonight is not to put on a uniform. Put on a bumper sticker. Is it that much to ask? Is it that much to ask to step up and serve your country?"
Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey for Minnesota Governor 2006 "I despise and hate the Christian God the Father. He is my enemy.

"However, it doesn't mean that I hate all his followers. This Country was founded on religious rights and freedoms."
Fuck, could Cornyn be any stupider? He's glad Alito won't support "special rights for people suspected of terrorism?"

So, uh, theses suspects have the special right to not be presumed guilty, John?

And Cornyn was (elected to a seat) on the Texas Supreme Court.
I ask you - Anyone know of any cool, free online calendars I can print out?
Hold music suggestions needed. I now have music-on-hold on my home phone. What should we use for the music? This is just too cruel.
Elephant! In honor of iconomy's earlier post
Radio Mecha - Music Box Some jazz, maybe some other stuff. Are you hip to the jive?
post by: box at: 14:30 | 6 comments
The 50 Most Loathsome People in America The Annual List Of The Beast... You know what we really really need? A list of the 50 Most UNloathsome People in America.Read more...
FlamingBore has suggested an Albuquerque area meetup. (Just in case there's MeCha readers who don't follow MeTa.)
The Micronomicon, and drawings by the same author. The backgrounds are text in most cases. Little, teeny, tiny, text. Like what Robert Walser used to write. Except not as good, since Walser was a genius.
cox & forkum vs. the nazis compare and contrast--disgusting and blatant.
So I managed to grab thread 11111 On the offchance that you're in Vancouver and haven't stumbled on this thread yet...
OMFG. The Tower strikes! So last night the power went out at 1 am...Read more...
Ringtones that make you sexy? This is just a lame 'viral' site, but I just thought it was funny. I saw some ads on gawker for it.
Metachat, your bunny tarot for today is... The Two of Pentacles. Read more...
Teutonic Rock N Roll Rodents Of The Apocalypse. A nice way to start off the day.
Okay, really, where is specklet? Hm? Specklet claims not to have access to the internet at the moment, but... Bunny Wuffles? Architectural supplies for your sims? "AHA!" I say. Specklet, you are revealed!
What planet are you from? More importantly, what planet are you on?
A rather naughty radio set. Just a few songs centered around a certain theme.
Big ol' lovefest in IRC. Seriously. Drop in, and you'll get some love.

(It's possible that the alcohol floweth.)

23 January 2006

Okay, I'm starting to warm up to this little SD450. I guess there was a bit of a learning curve when getting used to the camera. It's still not as nice as my old V1, but the pics are turning out OK. I linked to my favorite I've taken 472 pictures since buying the camera :) this is my favorite so far, taken from a moving car no less.
Radio Matildaben About an hour's worth of blog tracks and other recently downloaded variety stuff, and then cmonkey takes the helm.
CA election results here --not verified or anything tho
The Monks On TV (Embedded Video). Rare action footage of one of the great lost Proto-Punk Bands.
Meat whistle. To the untrained eye, it may look like any ordinary, run-of-the-mill, hot dog-shaped whistle. But, it's not just any whistle...
It's lonely in here. please come and make the chatter with me.
When do we kick off the next book club discussion? And who has/is planning to read this month's book? (Ishiguro)
Ask MeCha. What's the easiest way to install some sort of server (FTP or otherwise) on my computer so that someone can send me a large ISO file?Read more...
HA! I have trapped all gnomes, sprites, elves etc in my evil blue dome devices! What next to ensnare all civilization?
This is a random thread. No linear conversation, please!
Dear Sweetheart,
Please cook me some prunes.

Love, Daddy
Why do you live where you do? Are you a native? Why do you stay? Are you a transplant? What brought you there, and what keeps you? So many questions… Read more...
Instructables is a DIY collaborative blog. Some of these projects are calling to me...
Radio Dodgy On now for a short while.
Dedicated server hosting I'm looking for a host again since 1&1 are a complete shambles and have already annoyed me an incredible amount in just one day (seriously). So what hosts do you recommend? EV1Servers, as recommended by mosch, look pretty good. Any gotchas I should look out for?
Last.FM Idolatry So, "Since U Been Gone" is the top song last week, and not the semi-ironic Ted Leo version, either. All you un-ironic faux hipsters have got a lot to answer for!

OK, I may have been one of them.

Top artist this week was Radiohead. I'd worry there was some regressing toward the mean going on, but they're tied with the freakin' Flaming Lips. And Coldplay is still wayyyyyy down tied for #144 -- with freakin' Vangelis.

Well, there are some nice bands tied for #144 too.
Looking for orthogonality Sorry to pollute the FP with this, but could ortho please email me at the address on my metafilter profile? Read more...
Today is monkey SEA, MONKEY do day at the 7 Deadly Sinners art blog. This makes me happy, that is all.
Choose Your Own Adventure: You look out your front window and see some kid pissing on the side of your house. What do you do?
The huffington post contagius competition?? (I linked my screendump so you don't have to go to the huff post)
"The Huffington Post Contagious Festival is a unique opportunity for talented designers, political activists of any persuasion, filmmakers and comics to reach millions of people with creative, viral online work." Read more...
OH MY WORD YOU GUYS My blog was just featured on Gawker!!!!
Reposted for Orange Swan....Messing With Texas.
Orange Swan's post is broken I want to post to the Texas question, but am not allowed in. Orange Swan, ask the question again.
words you love?
Messing with Texas I have a friend who's planning a trip to Texas. I posted some questions of hers in an AskMe thread, and now a week later she has follow up questions, which I have added to the thread. In an attempt to revive the thread, I'm posting the link here. (I've also emailed those contributors who supply email addresses on their user pages.) If any MetaChatters know Texas, will y'all please step this way to the thread. Thanks!
words you hate?
Metachat, for better or worse, your bunny tarot for today is... The Tower.Read more...
Lets compare our really, really shitty days.
Interesting journalistic approach.
As the body moved closer to shore, this reporter, who had just sat down with her family 15 yards from the water's edge at the foot of Sloat Boulevard, thought it was a log but soon realized a person was bobbing face up in the knee-deep water.

As she and her husband dragged the body out by the arms, several other people came running to help, and a surreal scene unfolded.
Migraine sufferers, represent.
Paging Team Vag So what do you think of this mess?

22 January 2006

So well adapted by evolution "to a polluted environment that they won't be able to live in a clean one?" A demonstration of evolution and a cautionary tale.
In this thread, we wish panoptican a happy birthday. Read more...
Hey baby, you're lookin fine. IRC me.
Pictures of insects. Not your cute bunnies, but good anyway. Plus, Read more...
OK, The Mothership is back up. What we need now is a double dose of maternally directed musical bileRead more...
post by: jonmc at: 19:04
All praise dabitch! Full time tattooed web-goddess and all round sexy mother dabitch has saved my life. She's hosting this website while I sort out a more permanent home. Yay!
Ode to Metachat
test test
My kid saw the Virgin Mary in her cereal! Read more...
Radio Mecha - Music Box Yet more soul, funk, r&b, and so forth, while I make some breakfast and get ready for work.
post by: box at: 10:39
I'm back! What'd i miss? any good gossip?

and a giant thanks to Cryptical Envelopment for showing me the town in Ottawa--and skating on the canal!!!! (altho it was the coldest weather i've ever been in in my life i think)
Battle of the Ad Blogs - all ye who fancy ads, typography blogs, design discussion places and adsadsads + virals might want to stop by the Battle and cast votes on your favorites.Read more...
I need your advice.
The Vandalias say Hey Now (I really love this song)
YAY! This was worth staying up for.

*hugs everyone*

21 January 2006

That's It. I'm calling for some hot IRC action. I've done my packing quota for the day & now I'm going to buy some beer. Come say hi when I get back in about five minutes.
Radio b - I'm ripping off moonbird's idea An abbreviated version of Thursday's broadcast. Feel free to kick me off if you want to play something; I'm just waiting for Science Girl to get out of the shower.
Radio Moonbird Quickie Thirteen songs for a gray Saturday.
Bump! Does anyone want to add anything to our collaborative "Martini Music" mix CD?
Radio Mecha - Music Box Saturday morning seems like a good time for more soul/funk/etc., starting with Galt McDermot's very popular 'Coffee Cold,' as sampled in Handsome Boy Modeling School's 'The Truth.'

Here's a good idea of the kind of stuff I'll be playing.
post by: box at: 12:00 | 8 comments
Ask Mecha: Medic! Topical anesthetic? Last night, I smacked my knee hard enough to garner an impressive six inch stitch-worthy gash.Read more...
If you had one hour left to live, what would you do with it?
Move Over Oprah. It's the bin Laden Book Club -- Book Sales Soar After Bin Laden Recommends 'Rogue State.'
21st Century Computing A look into the future of technology from a 1989 issue of Compute! Magazine. I couldn't get past the first sentance without literally laughing out loud.
Dogs falling through space, etc. [QT direct link]. Slo-mo goodness.
storymakers collaborative story. one sentence each.
Metachat, your bunny tarot for today is... The Ace of Swords. Read more...
post by: taz at: 05:53 | 4 comments
So, uh, how much music is too much music? Read more...
a really weird cover of when doves cry
Turn off the lights and freak out radio. As soon as matildaben finishes up. A collection of songs that represent terror on one level or another. Believe it or not, My Humps will not be played. Read more...
Git ya music now ya grat haggis. Robbie Burns Day is coming.
post by: arse_hat at: 00:15

20 January 2006

You go, Granny! -- 75 y.o. grandmother gets her navel pierced. Not to be outdone, 100 y.o. Nanna gets her ears re-pierced.
Random Radio Matildaben - "L" Edition Starting in about 15 minutes when mudpuppie is done.
ashleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Radio Dibs I'd like to reserve the Metachat radio slot between about 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM PST (between mudpuppie and panoptican), if that's OK with everyone.
I'm back! What did I miss?
Umbria suxors!!!!! Datamine *this*, dudes! I wonder if Sony is one of their clients? Because Sony sucks ass too.
Ask Mecha: help me find a Winamp skin.
This is an anouncement and/or reservation.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles Radio: Songs about locomotion, starting up as soon as urbanwhaleshark winds down.
Friday Night Pre-Party in IRC!!!
If you ran MetaFilter, what changes would you make to improve it?
Radio Dodgy For a short while. Broadcasting now.
The Internet was down for 5 1/2 hours today at work! Read more...
Calling Hungry Bunnies! Bunnies like carrots, right?
We must've gotten on the smelly elevator, huh?
I just got 19! That makes me a genius, apparently.Read more...
I Am Mellow (Not Yellow) And I have Donovan to thank for it.
Qb lbh erzrzore ebgguvegrra rapelcgvba?
I'm getting my pulse in my face. Under my left eye. How do I make it stop?
On Making Life More Simple: Please Advise
Mecha Collaborative Mix CDs? What do you all think about trying to collaborate on some themed mixes? Someone suggests a theme in a post, then inside the thread, everyone contributes a song they think fits the idea.Read more...
102 Live Music Photos: Because my other post is way too gloomy. A good weekend to all my fellow MeChatters, peace.
AxeMecha: Home decorating / geometry problem
This is a long overdue Song in List Form thread.
I always thought I'd have to go to Alaska to see this ... ... but I'm watching him on Sky news and wishing I was in Central London right now.
Metachat, your bunny tarot for today is... the Two of Swords. Read more...
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Radio b - Reattaching the wig I'm breathing through my nose again. Come join me.

19 January 2006

Ask MeCha - music downloading I'm sure this has been asked and answered before, but I'm asking now, okay?Read more...
z-i-b-e-t-g-e-o-e-t-g-e-i-o-e-g
This isn't TV, and you're not William Shatner.
Lipstick-Powered Radio Happening Now! Lipstick Thespian's first ever DJ set happening now on I-R-C!
Can you finish this nice challenging game? Try not to touch the walls with your cursor. Good luck!
The war of the appliances An ad for Toohey's beer currently shown on Aus TV.
I just got a phone call.
I don't believe a word of this... but I flagged is as "fantastic."
Music Box Soul, funk, etc.
post by: box at: 20:30 | 9 comments
I am testing my new Koss "Plug" earphones by listening to Solti's Das Rheingold. Read more...
Distract me, Metachat! My lovely fiancee left work in an ambulance today, after coughing up a little blood. Doctors say it's just a lung infection and have prescribed antibiotics. And here I am, stuck at work and a wee bit jangled at this point. Un-freak me, please.
Name that tune.
Radio Moonbird Wide awake with a fresh set. Come get a slice of 3.14159265358979323...
When do calandars start being on sale?
Last chance for subversion! Loompanics is closing down after 30 years of "sticking it to the man." Big sale on out of date books on faking your own death, building your own guns, getting high off of nutmeg, etc.
Dancing guy falls off stage LOLZ ensue. (embeded wmv)
Portland Metachatters lets play pool!
Are teachers who sleep with boys getting off? [yea, i know that's not what they mean. but even so, it is a good question.]
AskMecha: Bookmarks icon in fullscreen mode for Mozilla?
This is a whining thread!
What is your favourite quotation from Ghostbusters?
So let me get this straight... The lead singer from the Meatmen is giving away free phone service to the British? What's the world coming to?
DOG! ON A MOTHAFUCKIN' PLANE!! I haven't laughed this hard in days.
Nova Scotia was a very clean place.
This song is corny , but damn it's pretty. And it reminds me of some people in the rear veiw mirror.

(also, it's neither live nor acoustic, just a studio version, despite mislabeling)
super-light wireless notebook I'm thinking of investing in a wireless noptebook, and i found this one for $5.00
So What Do You Think? Boy or Girl? We are heading in to the maternity center for the ultrasound where we get to find out if the baby bean is a little boy bean or a little girl bean!
I wanted to share my wonderful morning So, read an excerpt from the email I sent to my wife inside. Read more...
Please listen to me for the next three hours, until 9am PST. Playlist updated in REAL TIME!!!
Metachat, your bunny tarot for today is... the King of Wands.Read more...
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For people who like photographs. "Several years ago, I built my first homemade digital camera. The idea was simple - I would take an ordinary flatbed scanner, and use it in place of photo paper with a large format camera."
Interesting but not silly or mispelled baby names...GO!
Anyone have Window XP Media Edition? Maybe you could do me a favor?
Well, since you all asked how I was doing... So, I went to my ex husband's memorial service today. Read more...

18 January 2006

"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" (Bob Russel & Duke Ellington) 5.5 MB solo acoustic guitar mp3 (performed by Martin Taylor) Bonus track here: Mr. Taylor plays "Cheek to Cheek" and so why not enjoy Joe Pass' version of the same song? God bless America and the flat five.

No comments required, just dig the tunes.
"Everyone knew him as simply '#metachat', or "#mecha" as it is pronounced in Iraqi Arabic."
"Everyone knew him as simply 'Alan', or "Elin" as it is pronounced in Iraqi Arabic. Prior to the war, he owned a music shop in the best area in Baghdad, A'arasat.Read more...
darth vader vs the lost "smoke monster" dude, who would win???
2 Words Ever since IzzlePfaff's "T-minus Two Words" post, this has been a favorite game of mine.Read more...
Attention Jonmc: You and a select number of your downloading friends have won tickets to a benefit concert on May 2, 1975 at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA. The Boss will be waiting for you there.
What is the best music that someone has given you (here or elsewhere) that you were surprised you loved outside of the genres through which you usually define yourself?
Radio Nimoysphere II - Curse of the eclectica. Starting in 5 minutes.
If you were a recruiter and asked that I 'have an eye for detail', would you throw my letter in the bin if I pointed out your misplaced apostrophe in "fee's" to demonstrate my all-seeing eye?
Free chat room? What are my options to set one up?
AskMeCha: How to unjam a CD changer tray? My niece was gifted a pretty decent Aiwa boom box. It's about a foot tall with separate speakers. The top is a 3-CD changer tray, which she promptly managed to jam 3 CDs into -- the wrong way, so it closed, won't play, and now won't open again. I couldn't find any sort of manual release. Ideas?
Note to self: When having an affair, don't do it in front of the parrot.
Musical dreams and (not many) nightmares: a kinda short set playing on BP Radio, starting in five minutes or so.
The Best Knife Holder! Ever! Keep your knives organized and take care of your voodoo needs in one multi-tasking knife holder!
I Know that labeling is stupid but as a music geek, I can't help myself. What genre (aside from the generic 'rock') would you call Born To Run period Springsteen, mid-70's Bob Seger, Southside Johnny (and to a lesser extent the Billy Joel and Meat Loaf of the same period)? I can't think of one that seems to fit right.
not jenna. but where is jenna?
Radio b - Old Fart At Play A buncha old stuff. Pretty much starting now.
Virtual New York City Tour -- Navigate through the streets of New York while viewing thousands of pictures, visiting hundreds of places and reading the city’s famous history. Select any of the trails on the city maps to start your virtual tour of New York City.
Just wanted to point out a very sad AskMe, a very well-written response, and an even sadder response.
I smoked like a mofo last night.
I had no idea I am quite stunned actually.
Terror Cat - sound
Absolutely freakout radio. For 90 minutes while. That's how long it takes me to eat lunch. It's logical.
I'm a bad bunny. Forgot to send off my dollar for the bunny pin.

As long as I do it in a couple of days am I cool?
What's your most embarrassing story?
"Where does the smoke go? Only the person producing it is unconcerned." (Posted today by two Tokyo-honeymooning friends).
The Quitter's Club: Resigning as president I was a bad girl this weekend. Read more...
Big-box Advertising via Satellite -- Target is painting its corporate brand mark on the roofs of some of its stores to attract attention on Google maps.
Human sacrifice, snakes and hamsters living together, mass hysteria!
The spiders are coming! But don't worry, puppy will save us.
A small trade off. I've put back the search page and also restored post and comment counts on profile pages. On the other hand I've removed the mefi feed from the right sidebar. Hopefully this'll improve performance until I can fix it.
Poop [Category: Short-term good, long-term bad] Loompanics books is going out of business, everything is half off.
AskMecha: Free jpg viewer/editor? The "free" Paint Shop Pro that came with my Dell has expired. I don't want to use The GIMP for just simple viewing/croping crap; it takes too long to load and all the floating toolbars are a pain in the ass. I could use FF, but I'd like some editing capability too.
Metachat, your bunny tarot for today is... The Queen of Pentacles.Read more...
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I can take a noun and bend it! Give me a noun!
Poop [Category: Yucky]

17 January 2006

i am playing the music that you may or may not hate
Celebrate with me!
Radio Capn From right now, until I quit or an hour.
post by: Capn at: 22:32
Help! I've Lost Firefox! I really stupidly installed google pack and now firefox is gone and won't come back.Read more...
Animal tales I'm trying to compile a list of classic "tales" that prominently feature animals.Read more...
Metachat Code Updates Just a little reminder that if you have noticed a bug on the site, this is the first place you should look to see if it has already been reported. Feel free to add your own requests so long as they are (a) reasonable (b) politely worded and (c) you are willing to accept rejection.
A Rousing Selection from the Man Who Should Become Governor Of Texas. (not for the faint of heart or easily offended)(lyrics)
Zeldman holds forth on Web 2.0. A very interesting and well-considered take on tags, AJAX, RSS and other latter-day Web buzzwords.
Random Songs That Rock Radio Starting at 4:45 PST.
MeCha/MeFi Baltimore Meetup! Next Friday (the 27th) at Club Charles. 7pm. Be there or be...not triangular, that's for sure!
"E' Triste il Mio Cuor" Chopin's "Tristesse" (Etude op 10 no 3 in E major) sung by best living tenor (also one of the three or four best ever), il maestro Carlo Bergonzi.
We are so screwed The Iraqi insurgents have come up with Improvised Explosive Devices -- IEDs -- which can be used as anti-air weapons. We are so screwed.

[boobies] (.Y.) [/boobies]
Huh, there's a metachat tag at consumating (dating site). I'm apparently 3rd most popular and I only logged in once. C'mon people, you can do better than me.
MeCha Hump Day Trivia Debacle, Part Deux
Wherefore BunTarot? Taz isn't feeling well (aww, taz!) So here is today's BunTarot, which is just yesterday's remixed.
Temp employee online all the time, gets fired -- "City of Toledo officials say Scott Leo, operating with an Internet identity he called 'Sassy Sarah,' was using his city computer to access an online discussion group hosted by - apparently hundreds of times a day."
Crap, now SpoFi is gone! What is it with sites disappearing on me lately?? Is nothing permanent???
Due to a flareup of bursitis, I'm learning to use the mouse left-handed. Read more...
So, Kellydammit, how are you doing today?
Smurfit Institute of Genetics at Trinity discovers jonmc's great-granddad: "the chromosome also turned up in roughly 2 percent of all male New Yorkers."
Blog Radio. Worker bees, there is purpose.
I need to tap into the collective MeCha juju. Read more...
Daredevils of Niagra Falls. Fascinating and depressing.
What do you think orthogonality looks like? I think he looks like Tom Selleck.
Are there any good pubs in Salt Lake City? Read more...
People smell: One problem with quitting smoking is that now I can smell people. And it's not pleasant: overpowering perfume, cloying sweat, harsh colognes, and the occasional woman having her time of the month. Every person has a unique smell; large rooms are a noisome cacophony, an out-of--tune symphony of assaults on the nose. Please, more people who smell -- mildly! -- of bath soap and laundry detergent.
"I heard Barnwell was out drinking a Pabst with Frey instead of reading the guidelines."

I just wanted to say that comment was funny, but all the threads were closed.
Who is "User dodgy_6" and WHY does he have "more than 'max_user_connections' active connections" ? What's he up to then?
as a wise man once said
I know it's not Cheese Horns, but ... in our vending machine today, we have pastry in the form of a BIG TEXAS Butter Krunch.
!!!!!!? Don't you slow me down! I could be seeing stars! I could behind bars! I could be in the ground! So don't you slow me down!
Where is the data? It is just not contained in the document anymore, so where did it go?
Kill Yourself! Whoo-hoo, this is a victory for freedom!
This document, it contains data?
Lovejoy coupling The latest from Strangelove Labs.
AskMeCha: What's that squishy romantic quote.... I'm trying to locate a quote about llloooovvvve. If I remember rightly, it comes from some sort of 70s source, like Leo Buscaglia or Jonathan Livingston Seagull or something like that. At least, I definiitely remember it written in groovy script on posters of sunsets.

The idea behind the quote is this: love is not standing face-to-face staring into each other's eyes, it's standing side by side and hand in hand, facing the world.

I'm hoping the groove brain will kick in here and help me find out how it's actually phrased. Thanks.
Bunny OMG!!!! There is nothing cuter than a yawning bunny.
Holy crap. It might actually get colder than freezing tonight. *grabs extra blankets, closes windows*
As per Poplicks. A time traveler returns from the year 2007 and tells you that President Bush was just impeached and convicted of a specific offense. For what, specifically, would you guess he was impeached?
So, the new camera Here are the pictures I took. The thing is tiny, so what did I expect? Still The quality is just
so meh.
Jesus was a Jesus freak. That's radio code for rejoice!

16 January 2006

canon canon co canon fanana... So I just got a new Camera, a Canon SD450. And... how do I get the pictures off?
I've got a $15 giftcard for the iTunes store but I have no idea what to get. Suggestions? Check out my page for musical taste.
Upon further review, Margaret has decided to accept the money. (second video down) I don't know what the context for this video is, but it appears to be one of those reality TV shows where they swap someone in the family with another family for a few days. I'd like to be able to find a direct google video link to that clip and have a greater understanding of the context.
It ain't nothin but a party! Now getcha dead ass into IRC and join in!
post by: jonmc at: 22:17
What brought us to where we are?
Random Radio Matildaben - K Edition Thanks to Jimbob for the lead-in. Enjoy a few hours of random songs beginning with the letter K.
Everyone on the Golden Globes looks awful.
IRC at the hop Hangin' out, listening to Jimbob's excellent set, kickin' it with a few brews....
An announcement pertaining to radio. For the next 9-10 weeks, I'll be doing a weekly show on KZSU, streaming & broadcasting, from 6-9am PST on Thursdays.
Hot beach babes. Glamour gals and more.
Radio Nimoysphere Presented by Jimbob. Long time listener, first time broadcaster. An hour that's a little bit shoegazer, a little bit psychedelic, and a helluva-lot of Rock and Roll. Starting at 11:20 Australian Central Standard time, or in about 5 minutes.
inspired by angry gamer - hardest games?
I miss the links to my posts and comments on my profile page; and the forward-to-next-post and back-to-previous-post links at the bottom of threads. Have I been bad and had my privileges revoked? Did I miss the twenty-eight earlier threads on this topic?
So, how do we feel about GTA?
So Like, How do we feel about Abba?
2 great tastes that taste great together Reggae AND disco. This song always makes me happy. Enjoy!
So Like, How do we feel about Paul Anka? Read more...
Did anyone call 911 for crashland?
So Like, How do we feel about Neil Diamond?
Oh my god I am so bored
3 years ago... I know MY life has never been the same.
Oh, noes!!! Not another bump! Voice of Safetyfork and all kinds of VoM links inside.
Moot etiquette dilemma
Radio Goatdog in about ten minutes. Guess the theme, win one kadillion dollars.Read more...
RAH! RAH! SIS - BOOM - BAH! It's Go Time with The Go! Team
Angry Gamer. (Google video)
Pets and sex! ...not like that. Ew.
I think I should get breast implants IN MY ASS
Are you middle class? What does that mean to you, anyway? Read more...
A boy. A radio. A rerun. Since I fell asleep half-way through last time and all.
Al Gore on C-SPAN now Gore is expected to argue today that the US is in a constitutional crisis because King Bush broke the law. Let's watch.
M.I.T.'s Digital Paintbrush. You need Windows Media Player to see this, I think. (warning: loud music)
Watch Barry Manilow perform "Unchained Melody" ( link)
At Canaan’s Edge. A voting-rights act would produce a coalition of blacks and white moderates, changing the electoral map of the South. Johnson liked that. It could be his greatest achievement, he said—“It will do things that even that ’64 Act couldn’t do.”
Soulseek and schtuff.
Today I turn 40 . . .
MetaChat, your Bunny Tarot for today is... The Hermit.
Wendy's / AirTran coupons Has anyone done it? Does it work? I need a cheap way to get to Florida next month.
Rebroadcast of food set, 'cause weretable is sleepyl
post by: mudpuppie at: 01:07

15 January 2006

Top 5? So, what are everyone's top 5 bands/artists? Read more...
Early Janis I have been sitting here listening to Janis Joplin for an hour or so. Just to share, here are a couple of cuts from 1962 with Janis singing in a coffee house.

Black Mountain - Janis Joplin 8-10-62.mp3

Leavin' This Morning - Janis Joplin 8-10-62.mp3
USB Turd. If only he used his powers for good.
I'm going to try to sneak in a 55-minute or so set. Fanciful stuff. Let me know if I'm in your space.
Warning: Reggae inside.
I'm sitting here getting hungrier Then I'm going to go to the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, and load up on baby octopuses and fried rice and pecan chicken and weird Oriental fruits.
Askmecha Purple Haze Experience
Space shooters. Inspired by this thread - recomendations for space shooters/games that use a joystick? Read more...
Radio Dibs today for 4PM EST/7PM PST. No, wait. Strike that; reverse it.Read more...
Radio KMA~ Just a short set (about an hour) of some of my top rated tracks and maybe some Metachat YSIs.
Hello from a bar wall in lower Manhattan . On what will probably go down in history as the weirdest, wildest meet-up in history. Read more...
AskMeCha: Creating an Email Survey I want to create an email survey to be sent to 100-200 people. How do I do this? Difficulty level: I have no HTML skills. Read more...
Ask MeCha: Games for the PC - what are some good ones? I need something to tide me over until The Twilight Princess comes out. Read more...
Audio of a true American Hero. Another Audio Tribute.
Bouncy music for a miserable Sunday afternoon
post by: flopsy at: 09:45
MetaChat, your Bunny Tarot for today is... The seven of cups.Read more...
The house that twang built. A smoky-smellin', neon-halo'd, pool-playin' haggard bottle-blonde Saturday night broadcast, whenever postcard's most awesome set is over.
please help me work out my reading list for 2006. Read more...

14 January 2006

BP Radio A short beat-heavy set, on right now.
The Batgirl Meme. Over 500 drawings and sketches of Batgirl and it's still going strong.

Little Tivo Haughey?
I can't wait to buy one of these boxes and ditch my crappy cable-provider DVR, and if anyone at TiVo is reading this, I will name my next child after you if I can get a unit for early review when they're closer to being done.
Random Radio Laundry Purely random and from a folder I like to call "Metachat YSI." Yes. Read more...
This shook me up Props to PurplePorpoise.
Moderately quiet radio. Ambient stuff with a few words sprinkled in. Right after the rainy stuff. Read more...
The audio thread inspired me. Here is a short & infantile song for all you sick people out there.
Everybody's IRC-ing for the Weekend Get your butts over there.
I'm listening to my scratched old copy of Born To Run. For aguy who's music is often incredibly grim, he always makes me feel hopeful. I'm not sure why. One critic described this album as "a 57 Chevy running on melted down Crystals records." That's beautiful.
RIP Shelley Winters ...Robert Mitchum once told her: "Shelley, arguing with you is like trying to hold a conversation with a swarm of bumblebees." ... : >
Rainy Radio Rerun Rerunning the rain songs set. It's about 4 hours long. Enjoy!
iPod fora? I got a Griffin iTrip for my iPod. It's disappointing. While it transmits the music, it also transmits the electric "noise" on the iPod as a buzzing sound. And when tracks change, it transmits a "ka-thump" sound. The buzzing and ka-thumping decrease as the iPod's battery runs down. Where's a good forum to discuss this, and determine if I have a bad iTrip or a bad iPod?
White Garlic Powder Tell me about "social networking" sites: what do they do, what are they good for.
White Gaelic Power Like the title of the post say's [sic], I'm looking for a person into her heritage, specifically "Gaelic" heritage, which is how I identify myself. I'm looking to start a family and I want to raise my/our children with a strong tradition and culture "language, beliefs, worldview, ect.,[sic]["] that's their own.
Honda Civi Ad (Flash Only) Click -->"Discover the new Civic", then "Watch". Make sure you can hear it, because otherwise you're gonna be scratching your head.
"Hung up" Madonna's song with a new video. This works surprisingly well.
Band Names. Did you know that the name "Foo Fighters" came from the American (military, I guess) term for an "unidentified flying object" during WWII? You probably did, but I didn't. For other puzzling band names, you can look up their origins here (A-Z list page). And if you haven't seen it, here is Brainwashed's Canonical Guide to Weird Band Names. Looking to name your band? You might give this band name generator a spin. (I'm trying to decide between "Catalyst of the Taz Mistake", and "Lymph Taz".) Also...Read more...
taz said something about there not being enough posts on the front page. Don't cry, taz!
Your mom. Seriously, let's do her.

I mean it.
Think your job sucks? Pictures from back in the day.

13 January 2006

Las Vegas Seriously, let's do it.

I mean it.
Wendy's Grill Skill --training video from 89, with a rapper and heavily madeup hamburger girls.
If you smelled funny, would you want someone to tell you? Or how bad would your breath have to be for you to wish someone had given you a gentle hint?
The document contains no data. I was already nostalgic for 2005, so this is opportune.
Bad Friday afternoon poetry...
Radio Matildaben - Rain songs (coming up this evening) Starting in about an hour and a half (5:30ish PST/8:30ish EST), songs about inclement weather, in honor of the Pacific Northwest winter.
Real-world version of Million Dollar Homepage -- 'Fill My Room'. "Become part of internet history by helping me fill my room! For every dollar you donate, I will add 1 block to the room! I will not stop until my room is full! Floor to ceiling! It's up to you! Fill My Room!"
Bob Dylan says the funniest things... What would you like to hear Bob Dylan say or sing?
Bad Boy Bode -- Bode Miller hit the trifecta: an apology, a disqualification and an absence.
Tears of a Clown Because it came as close as anything will to pulling me out of my bad mood, and because I can. Read more...
If I put my email in my profile who sees it?
classic electric prunes for electrifying regularity.
Dedicated to MiHail. Where have you gone lady?
MetaChat Big Important Business Meeting #1
OmieWise is right. To avoid any possible criticism, I won't say what about.
Lost, Yo - I just saw that bald guy masturbating over a boar he'd killed. Does anyone else find that disturbing?
Jack Hammer Johnson A Modern Approach to Masturbation. With a title like that if you still need NSFW then you have no imagination.
Last comment before deletion site update So, I had announced on projects that I put this site up, and then ndcent said i should put in a part where you could record your wins, which i did.

Now, how can i announce this after the fact? Is metatalk appropriate?

Love poppo
There's some kind of fiddle-faddle goin' on around here!
Stop-motion animation of cows having sex. [QT] [NSFW] Slow loading, and as it turns out, even more unpleasant than I might have imagined.
Another Bump - Voices of Metachat Come on. There are lots of new people who we haven't heard yet. Speak up!
What do you wish you were good at? Me, I want to be a dancer.Read more...
Wanna drop some jaws? How do you pull it off?Read more...
I received this e-mail. Much of it MAY be true. Tittles. William Shatner's face... [more inside]
James Joyce Died Today. Would anyone like to join me tonight at the Finnegans Wake Society of NYC's annual Death Day dinner?Read more...
It's Friday the 13th.
Me(t)a Culpa: a series of unfortunate (radio) accidents
Chanteuses while I'm up early to study. I'm not expecting any listeners, but if you're out there, I'm glad to play for ya.
Left Coasties and Insomniacs come cheer me up. 22 isn't old, so why does it feel like it?
Meredith Viera is a beautiful American woman. She has great legs too. So what? She dominates Star Jones (and I like Star, but baby, let it go...)

Thanks, America! Barbara Walters should just quit: Meredith Viera has the charisma and she could bring 'em down like you used to.
The post and comment count has apparently disappeared from our profiles. Boo-urns.
Radio Moonbird Random stuff until...?
Is your mind diseased? Caught in a booby trap?

American Social Hygiene Posters.

12 January 2006

London MeCha folk On the 28th Im having my birthday party in my NW london pub local. Drop me a line if you fancy meeting I'll sling you the details. Dodgy, you shouldve already received your invite in the post.

Know that I wish you could all be there.
A guide to crashing the empire's party. For those politicos out there.
Miyazaki night on TCM now Nausicaa's just started, followed by Castle in the Sky. (it's every Thursday in Jan.) : >
What does it take to win your heart?
I had no idea! Jonmc - began wetting pants.
Inaugural Radio Laundry Now Playing Is it working? I can hardly believe it. Took me all afternoon and the playlist seems to be coming out either random or backwards. Anyways, an hour of eclectica for your delight. ;-)
Alito the cause of the Popemobile? That would be a mark in his favor, I think.
*Sniff...* Aww heck, forget *sniff...*, more like BAWL YOUR FRIKKEN EYES OUT!!!!
Pick a Job for Lipstick Thespian!
Ask Mecha: Student loans and taxes (US). Last year I decided to go back to school, and I accepted student loans. Will this affect how I file my taxes for '05?Read more...
Wha? Yeesh, I try to go to metafilter and I get directed to Weirdest.
Well, now we know dodgygeezer's password...
Me and pips were converating the other night and I asked this question: Does weird stuff happen to me more often or do I just notice it more? We were unable to answer.
The Dangerously Daring Mission of 12 Farm Eggs. Do not click if you are working on deadlines.
You're gullible.... If you hate James Blunt as much as I do, get your rotten tomato's ready.
Wikibunnies! Hope me!
New Neural Pathways for diners!!!! Since I'm guilty of not including in my speech the hops skips & jumps in my mind, here, Neurobics.
I lust. What do you do?
Record consecutive days of rain I wasn't kidding about the rain. It really has been raining for 24 days straight.
Twang out with your wang out. Rebroadcast of Sunday's postmodern honky-tonk. Novelty/demo/B-side C&W from the 70s.
Bump! Just making sure everyone has a chance to get in on the fun.
Buffalo Bleu, Dirty Martini, Tuscan Three Cheese, Spicy Mary and Creamy Caesar I voted for Cheddar Beer Kettle Chips. Then I became deeply cynical.
post by: box at: 10:54 | 6 comments
AskMeCha: advice for a n00blogger, please
A Stupid Song. But it suits my mood. A nice blast of bile for Thursday Disaffection & Disgust.

Baby, I can't wait to start.... it's just that the save points are quite far apart. (google video)
Chinese Butt Vampires are the only supernatural creatures reliably known to be invisible to cameras.
The 'Father Ted' obscenity report [word document]. The scripts to seasons 1 & 2 of the show, with all the non-obscene parts edited out.
BP Radio- AM edition Clear your cobwebs with some guitar-pop, playing now... this is a repeat of last Friday's BP Radio, but if you haven't heard it, it's new to you.
Once upon a time there were four little rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter.

[No prize except bragging points. My previous post is a hint.]
Fire Opera! I just saw this and it was very entertaining. And not as communist as I expected. I recommend it.
This is a two-hour long mp3 representing a radio show I did yesterday, whose playlist is this.

11 January 2006

Boozefilter. Is there any good booze with an ampersand in the name?

No, J&B isn't good.
Random Radio Matildaben - J Edition No, it's not songs about smoking a joint! It's random songs with titles beginning with the letter J! As soon as Eideteker is finished.
I HATE JAMES FREY Just saw him on Larry king. He disgusted me. What a pathetic individual. Seriously
West Coast Mecha Trivia: Starting at 1030pm EST / 730pm PST. Fifty percent shorter and streamlined edition in four rounds of gut-wrenching nonsense. Answers to *all* questions from this game and previous game will be posted in this thread, though refer to previous thread for rules.
Do you love your boss? I love mine.
viewing sold items on ebay? Is there a way to do this? Even if the items sold aren't yours? I'm curious to know what the final bid was for the last 1000 pixels on Alex Tew's site (which is currently hammered with traffic). Article here.
There's the usual contentiousness over at MeFi and Crippling Depression here. There's only one man who help us-ROGER MILLER!

You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd
Where Have All The Average People Gone?

Kitty cat blues
Mecha Trivia! Beginning at 7pm EST, midnight GMT. This is the official game thread. Four rounds, just like a sweatlodge. Just with trivia instead, and less steamy...Read more...
Me Want BAAAAAD! warning, Mac fanboy post.
" You know, when I was growing up, or other baby boomers here were growing up, we felt safe because we had these vast oceans that could protect us from harm's way. September the 11th changed all that." That Bush fellow said this today. Was he just too completely coked out of his mind during all the duck and cover drills? (He was only what, like, 5 years old? 13 max?)
Tipping point So there's a federal election coming up here in the Frozen North, and an incumbent MP, Read more...
Voices of Metachat, Redux I did it. You can too.

If you already did one over here, you are exempted.
Is that an iPod in your pocket? -- or, are you just happy to see me?
{Shhhh... I'm hiding.}
Crippling depression isn't funny...
It can always get worse. Geez, I thought call center work in Canada was brutal.
Oh gawd, the one-eyed bunny is smiling!
Welcome to Jointcrackers! You have just stumbled upon the new central place on the net for information, news and discussions about joint cracking!
Baby You're a Zero on the Rock-o-Meter. Wanna get hot, go turn on the heater!
Music Box - They pretend to pay me Here's some music from my work computer.
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Old Toy AskMeCha: when I was a kid I possed a device, that consisted of a pedal/lever at one end and a cup at the other. You'd put it on the ground, place a wiffle ball in the cup, step on the lever and the ball would jump up to swinging height so that you could have wiffle batting practice with yourself.

Does anybody remember the name of this contraption (the one it was marketed under, I mean).
Flash Earth --Google Earth for the rest of us.
But that is NOT MY NAME! Here is the conversation I just had at the dentist's office.Read more...
Poetry writing contest.
Axe Mecha: Giving sight to the blind I need new glasses...Read more...
Happy 100th Birthday, Dr. Hofmann (Not that I track this sort of thing).
Where can I find a good "time and materials" Web development contract template? The only thing turned up by my google searches are sketchy "contract mill" sites that want $75 for documents of questionable value.

I've used up my AxMe question for the week, so I'm posting this here (of course, if any generous Mecha user wants to repost it on AskMe, I'd be eternally grateful...)
Conan lines from page, screen, frame, or your imagination.
Then there was bad weather.
Robert Cohn was once middleweight boxing champion of Princeton.
Alex Tew was paid $400 to advertise Patti Ledford's resume.
(via pixels (840,290)x(860,310))
Radio b - A Dark Country Ride Coming to you live from the test kitchens of Science Manor.Read more...
I'm sorry, but NOW's biggest concern is the cancellation of Lifetime TV? "Reminiscent of the pay gap between men and women, Lifetime reports that DISH is paying higher rates for less popular networks."

Yes. That's totally comparable. Making 70-odd cents on the dollar is TOTALLY equivalent to not being able to watch Meredith Baxter Birney movies on cable.
SF Chron's description of Ahnold I love how the San Francisco Chronicle describes Schwarzenegger:

The [motorcycle license] issue came to a head on Sunday when the "Terminator" star (and California governor) collided with a reversing car.

No, of course I never EVER read those stupid gossip columns....
Would I be out of line if I asked to reserve a spot on MeCha Radio at about 12:30 Pacific? That's a little over two hours from now.
Specklet's down and out, and could use some cheerleading. Read more...

10 January 2006

Whew. The dog's OK. Took out two feet of my parent's dog's intestine; said it had something in there that looked like an earplug (foam rubber).
She's not gonna die tonight.
Whew. The dog's OK.
AskMeChat: Does this sound like bullshit? A new acquaintence of mine claims to be a single mom. However, I googled her AIM name and came up with a post to a baby message board in which she mentioned her "husband." I told her I saw it and she claimed that she was advised not to reveal her status as a single mom on those types of boards. Does this sound like bullshit?

Note: I am not, nor do I plan to become, romantically involved with this person. I've only met her twice while back home for the holidays and now live on the other side of the country.
I am trying to make the radio.
My first music post. It won't suck, I swear.
Are you lucky? While in Chicago, we went see Match Point and, predictably, had a number of conversations on the topic of luck.Read more...
Ten Things I Hate.
music of the 80s From now until someone else wants the radio. Nobody was broadcasting and I thought what the heck.
I have had a song in my head for days and have decided to share... The Rheostatics are a Canadian band who have been around for years and years. Never big stars, but some pretty cool music over the years. I love this song.Read more...
I'm awesome
How long for anonymous approval on MeFi? I posted an anonymous question over at AskMeFi three days ago. It never showed up, and I never got any response from Matt.

Matt says there's a lag as he reviews all the anonymous questions. How does he let you know if he's rejected it? Does it just never show up?

If it's going to show up, does it always show up within a day or so?

I'd post this question in MetaTalk, but of course I can't post there for 4 days after posting my anonymous question... sigh.
STAND BACK! I am so full of myself that I could blow at any moment.Read more...
The thread I'll regret starting..... What bizarre physical attribute do you have?
Metachat Merchandise! Since I just finished the wiki page I thought I'd put it up here again. You can get several designs on mugs, bags, underwear and even t-shirts.
Lefties kick ass and don't even get me started on our higher social rank or status, or higher reproductive success.
MeCha Trivia is 26 hours and 30 minutes away (this is a reminder). First round starts at 7pm EST (Midnight GMT). Questions for both sides of the Grand Meridian. Be there on IRC tomorrow, w00t!
Inspired by this thread I present to you Rasputina's "Diamond Mind."
I shall therefore play some tunes Starting at half-past the hour.
Polar Inertia - "a journal of nomadic and popular culture."
Much love to our Midnight Radio DJ's All the dj's, to be honest.Read more...
I cannot help but post a link to this picture of a one-eyed kitten, and I can only hope that you think it is more cute than gross because my head keeps wavering back and forth between the two but I think it's finally landed on cute so be it.
This is a Hopeless Plea for Attention!
Terrible Realizations #412753: All those product placements in The Island (including the scene where the shot is framed around one of those aluminum beer "bottles", going so far as to slowly and lovingly revolve around the damn thing) weren't meant to be ironic but were in fact genuine product placements that probably did move product.
Forget bee-dogs. I give you spider dogs!
How does January usually turn out for you?
Why do people hate the subway? I am so overinvested in this question, but dammit, JUST TAKE THE SUBWAY. It loves you. It caresses you. Dammit.
What is something super cool you've done recently? Obviously super-cool is in the mind of the beholder, but I just locked myself out of my lab and broke in with a bit of wire and a credit card. I'm feeling all MacGyverish.
Happy birthday, Mom! Solar-return spankin's also to George Foreman, Rod Stewart, Pat Benatar, and Linda Lovelace. Who shares your birthday?
What would you like to see happen today?
This is a thread about cool island music like Don Tiki's The Natives are Restless Tonight.Read more...
MD and DC Members, I need your help! I started my new ethnic groceries project, and I'd love help adding to the list.Read more...
Folk Art? This is a Quail. The Mingei Museum says so. And this is a Cat. Only slightly photoshopped. Give me your tired, your poor, your weird unwanted art yearning to breathe free.
Lola's Health Watch 2005 You called that rebound!

So, was feeling better then BAM got slammed with a high fever again last night. Went to bed, woke up in the middle of the night and my pjs were soaked.


Then this morning, I feel like a new woman. Not well but clearly over the hump (fingers crossed...I hope).
How are you feeling today? A little exposed? A little isolated? Or maybe just under the weather? Is your head heavy? Clothes not fitting right? Finding it hard to just keep your head above water? Does time just seem to crawl by? Do people seem to stare at you oddly? Things getting you down? Feeling dazed and confused? Or just shorthanded? ... Well, here's a tip: You might as well put on a happy face, 'cause, gee - things could be worse. (Alessandro Bavari)
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Ask MeCha: So we're getting a new mattress
Penguins and Pillows and Why I Haven't Left for Work Yet:: I haven't left my apartment to go to work yet because instead I've been playing with these pengiuns and their pillows and their bland furniture. Please, I'm so ashamed. Read more...
WTF MEFI? Every time I want to make a post it goes down.
pardon my taz i am so so sorry
Radio Mosch Insomnia strikes again. Crossword puzzles fail.
Wont'cha think about the fruit please? You're really putting a damper on our planetary vibrations. Enough is enough. [msword doc]
ROLE CALL:

09 January 2006

Parthenogenesis This song was requested in the unspecified gender thread.
Shriekback - Nemesis
Photo booth! In the spirit of Candid Camera. (Flash) Lifted shamelessly from MeFi.
Bunny pins! High drama on eBay Stay tuned to see if we get the pins
it is raining. lightly. but still, raining.
This is a stomping thread! *STOMP* *STOMP* *STOMP*
Airplane and Flying Themed Music
heaven or las vegas?
If no one is around and dinner was tasty, do you lick the plate?
Random Radio Matildaben - "I" Edition It's all about me! Well, it's all songs starting with the letter I, chosen randomly from my iTunes library. Got some good stuff coming up. As soon as the fabulous madame mudpuppie wraps up.
Accessorizing... Me: Hey, you wanna crash out?
Prospective Nonexistant Boyfriend: Sure, yumz!
Me: Oh, BTW I do have to wear a mask with pressurized air flying into my nose.Read more...
In this thread, I will make pizza.
What is the opposite of ice cream? scurius and kosher_jenny have weighed in (Carrot Top and chili respectively). I say, "a bulldozer with blood all over the scoopy part." What say ye?
What is Mirepoix, and where can I buy it? Read more...
who decides?
tiny bunny! it kills.
old damaged hat
AskMecha: am I a MetaGirl, MetaDude, MetaGuy, MetaMale, MetaGenotypeCointos, MetaUnspecified or all of the above? But actually, that isn't my question at all. Read more...
This is a cussing thread.
Everything MetaUnspecified Shout out your love to those Mechatters whose gender you don't know, are confused about, or don't care.
Everything MetaGenotypeCointoss Everyone else was doin' it.
Everything MetaMale
Everything MetaGuy! Okay, ladies of the jury, as JonMC has graciously added his presence to the MetaGirl thread, here's your chance to ogle the men's of Metachat. Randy shout-out's, crushes aired, etc.

This goes for the gay men of Metachat also.

Fire away!
Everything MetaDude.
Everything MetaGirl!
I'm having a really bad day.
OMG help animals ack run away oh noes Particularly notable for the drawing in the upper left hand corner and the reassuring contact information.Read more...
What happened?
Weekly MetaChat Music: Mondays! Just the thing to help kickstart the week:Read more...
Soap Box Time!
I'm dying The fever is now low grade but I can't breath through my nose which makes it impossible to swallow (no bad jokes) because my throat is dry and feels like sandpaper. Mr. Mucus has moved into my lungs and now I am lying in bed with Vicks and a humidifier. I am pathetic.
Do I squeal? I've just been woken up by my little brother and his friend yelling and acting like idiots downstairs. Thing is, today's the day high school kids get back from winter break. Read more...
My name is Mrs.Pants and I'm a Frisbee Girl Fan! lady you are too much fun!

come back soon!
They say laughter is the best medicine.
The Server At Work Is Down and I have nothing to do. So ask me impertinent questions or something.
I am a fu*k up. I need encouragement. Please, encourage me. {Less inside.}
This is your brain. This is your brain on cell phone. I'm so gonna die from a giant head tumor.
Record Brother hosts MP3 files, mostly from out-of-print soundtracks from 70s blaxploitation flicks. Can you dig it? (And hey--he lists Metafilter as one of his "daily clicks!" Which one of you is Record Brother?)

08 January 2006

State of the Internet(s). In case anyone doesn't read Bunny.
Radio Matildaben - Random "H" Edition No, it's not songs about Heroin. It's random tracks where the song titles begin with H. About 2 hours since I have to go to work tomorrow. Right after moonbird.
Food Network: It's a Giada Disaster! "It's as if Lucifer himself has served me a slushy!"
Radio Moonbird: Playlists of Future Past Not on for long. Featuring songs that I've played before, but when all was quiet. Good times.
Morningwood I know some of you already heard me say this on IRC and play it on my radio set, but this is the song that's going to be blasting out of dorm rooms and a guilty pleasure for indie snobs during the first quarter of 2006.Read more...
Am I the only dork at the office on a Sunday?
More Music. Rebroadcast of the set from mid-Dec.
post by: Eideteker at: 17:31
I NEED TO FIND THE FEEBLES for geeks and geeklets stranded in the hinterlands.Read more...
A belated (but awesome) Xmas present... A friend gave me a case of this for Christmas last night. Read more...
At Muted Tones, a certain Harvey Girl details the recording of a song, "Don't Go Stop."Read more...
Book Club: Cloud Atlas all sorts of stuff inside (some from me, some from others, and some from elsewhere): Read more...
Metachat Trivia: I'd like to start a weekly trivia game here in happyland. Here's how I think it could work:Read more...
Name that musical theme. Mystery-themed music set starting at 20 till the hour (i.e., 15 minutes from now).
Short set (under an hour).

First person who figures out the theme will not get a prize, because I'm broke. Said bunny will, however, get copious praise. So there.
Blasphemy Rock - The Uninvited "What God Said" What are your favorite blasphemous tunes?
The New Year's Eve party looked fantastic. Wish I could have been there.
Actual Size? (possibly NSFW) Um, yeah, is this sexy or silly? I'm leaning towards silly. More here.
Any FL lurkers out there? There are vague plans for a meetup with Specklet...Read more...
Attention, earthquake-prone people! Sorry I'm double posting myself, but this freaks my shit right out... and I want to make sure you California and Japan people, especially, have seen it, most particularly if you have ever read or heard of the fraudulent, crappy, death-dealing Douglas Copp "Triangle of Safety" advice.
What are your favorite stories about dystopian society?
I'm going to Europe and I need some recommendations. Read more...
What's engraved on your iPod? I hate making these decisions.Read more...
Happy Birthday Elvis and David Bowie and Stephen Hawking
Postmodern deconstructionist honkytonk. A quirky collection of 70's demo and B-side country 45's. Come git yer twang on at half past.
Up at 7:50. I had a very strange dream in which thousands of people in my city were made homeless. we were all congregated in one general area for a while, then the cops came and tear-gassed us and it became like this crazy, nightmarish dystopia.[mi]
Good morning thinkers. I've been dealing with the aftermath of the message board drama banning. I would like to especially thank agro and mosch and the others here for their insight in my previous thread (which I forgot to cut & paste the link to for this one), and jonmc for making me laugh with the organ music in the midst of my tornado.Read more...
I looked outside this morning and saw ...
Do you ever feel the earth move under your feet? Okay, this isn't about sex (sorry!), but about earthquakes... If you are interested in earthquakes, earthquake safety, self-promoting hucksters, or internet hoaxes, go have a look at andrew cooke's C[omp]UTE blog entry on asshole Douglas Copp, and his dangerous asshole advice on surviving earthquakes (the meaty link is this one - PDF). If you live in an earthquake zone and ever read and took to heart Copp's advice about the "Triangle of Safety" this is a must-read, because that advice could kill you.
NOT DRUNK AT ALL So I went to the same club as new years, drank the same number of 'rum&cokes' as new years, and felt... almost nothing. Very disappointing.
today's the day of myrrh and frankenstein
Conspicuous consumption chat

07 January 2006

I Need Help Shaking a Particularly Foul Mood The reasons don't really matter but I've been in a damn near homicidally foul mood all day and night.
Beer update
What's that noise? Random radio for awhile. I think we should hold the book club discussion til tomorrow, as well.
confessions and questions:
rollin, rollin, rollin, keep those papers rollin.
Please Mr. Sullivan - The Warner Bros. This song may set the record for most cultural references in a pop song. ever(musical as well as lyrical)*. and this was back in the mid 60's. These guys could the first post-modern rock band, I think.

*a prize for whoever can identify all of them
Book club FYI -- Amberglow will be posting some discussion questions later tonight.
Matisyahu - Hasidic Reggae Sensation
From Live at Stubbs:
Warrior(10.96mb) & Close My Eyes(6.06mb)
Also check out the live performance of "King Without a Crown" (streaming MOV) or download MWV(15.75mb) and the video for the same song (streaming MOV) or download WMV (8.44mb).
In a Grace mood: two songs by Jeff Buckley. And no, neither one is Hallelujah.
Wyclef - What's Clef Got to Do With It? Here's a YSI link to a somewhat obscure rap song with a very high WTF quotient. I sent it to a pal, and I figured that a Mecha person or two might also enjoy it.
post by: box at: 15:21 | 3 comments
The Quitter's Club: Off the Wagon...briefly What are those moments of weakness for you? Read more...
Interesting. I was just looking up info about The Thunderbirds, and learned that the show "used a form of puppetry called 'Supermarionation'." And then I thought maybe this had something to do with how Super Mario Brothers got their name... but I guess not. Still, it's kind of funny that SMB was the first side scrolling platform game, and Thunderbirds introduced the first "rolling road" effects. Anyway. Carry on.
post by: taz at: 14:39 | 4 comments
confessions of a Mecha lurker I visit here every day, but you'd never know it. I save and listen to the songs YouSend. So when you're #26 to click and are out of luck? Yeah, that's probably my fault.Read more...
Listen to this mp3 file with headphones on. Please. If you want [both creepy and cool, via bifurcated rivets].
Tea update...
Music Box: Backwards through the alphabet While I get ready
to start the day,
here are some songs
from Z through A.
post by: box at: 11:50 | 5 comments
Coffee update ...
Animal Attraction: a Rousseau retrospective. See also.
Cats channeling the dead. I present weretable's kitty channeling Vincent Price.
When we talk about fashion, I dream of you. [Kind of, and more inside]
This comment made my night - Uh, thanks for giving me the giggles, metafilter.
Radio b - Slight Return A shorter, re-sequenced version of yesterday's broadcast, right now.
Any Wi-Fi experts in the house? Stupidly having wasted my weekly AskMefi question on how to cook a steak, I now need your help. Read more...
Music for the old, and old at heart Half hour inaugural Radio Capn in aboot 10 minutes. This is only a test.
BBC's Sounds of 06-10 new (or newish) acts --with one full audio track for each. So far, i like Guillemots the best.
It Takes Two. Bugs recently got linked on MeFi, and while I like it, this game is just...charming. Read more...

06 January 2006

here is your damn song, jon I had to zip it up after yousendit kept blocking the file. I think they are trying to stop people from sending obvious copyright violations.

Smokey Robinson - Tracks of my Tears for the rest of you people. In a zip file.
For Mecha's own 20th-century boy, namely Eidetaker,
Plus sized? I don't buy it. Is the woman in the pictured really "plus sized"?
Random Radio Matildaben - "G" Edition Yes, it's another random set. This time with songs starting with the letter G. Starting as soon as mudpuppie is finished, around the top of the hour.
Random radio mudpuppie, for friday-night shut-ins. After BoringPostcards wraps up his most excellent set.
This is a thread to whine about the sad fact that there really isn't any good sci-fi or horror produced anymore, and certainly not a damn thing worth watching tonight. And also that the new neighbors downstairs are frying fish, with the rank odor wafting up here. That would be all.
if you were afire fly (the show or not) which one would you be? which one would i be?
Hahahahahahaha !!! Courtesy of b3ta
Just who do you think you are?
I can't hang out with the cool kids! Oh man, some of the coolest people are on IRC right now. Why do you do this to me when I'm at the office? See some of you tonight, maybe?
Putting Down the Hammer The Republicans are collecting signatures to replace Tom DeLay permanently as majority leader.
But I'm sure he's really innocent and nothing but the victim of multiple smear campaigns now that Jack Abramoff's confessed on top of his indictment for campaign fraud.
How Did You Get Your Job?
BP Radio Starting in about five minutes... it's Friday! Tunes to let your hair down and shake teh body parts of your choice by.
What's your work space look like? Inspired by this question, I'm curious what everybody's workspace looks like. Here's mine. What do you have to have in your space to keep you happy and/or sane?
She's seen the light, she's seeeen the liiiiighhhhht... My daughter just quit Wal-mart.

That is all.
I'm bored Are you bored? If so, post in this thread.
LTDJ Sets to Begin Sometime This Weekend
Tell me something good
What can you see right now without moving your head? I have nothing to do at work other than wonder this about you, internet denizen.
so what's with the "[x] people link to this user" thing on mefi profile pages? I ask because I've gone through the mefi wiki and found nothing about it, and I can't figure out a way to search mefi directly for links and users without getting a bajillion unrelated results first.

apparently dhruva, dsword and parisparamus(!) consider me a muse. or is it that they think they're MY muse?

I don't get it.
"My Name Is Earl" starts on Channel 4 (UK) tonight Read more...
sasshat, your wish is my command. I'm flying into Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow!
Some Sad Drinking Music for Friday Replacements - Here Comes A Regular (live)Read more...
Near-NYC Weekend Getaway Ideas?
message board drama. Beware: This is a long one. Read more...
Local News: Condom-Filled Nut Not A Crime Police chief Daryl Meisner said it appeared no crime was committed when somebody put the condom-containing nut in a bin at a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Meisner said someone had drilled a hole in the nut, emptied the shell and then plugged the hole with wood putty after the condom was inserted.
Cold haikus. Please feel free to add your own.
Anybody else having trouble with Netflix?
I think I look great today. How about you?
Ripper Update So, I went to Petco yesterday and got Rupert some things to redirect his chewing instinct.Read more...
Worst. Sportscast. Ever. Boom goes the dynamite. [Ads on page MNSFW]
Man gets 5 years for drying his own feces in a microwave, cutting it up with a cheese grater and sprinkling it on doughnuts at a FiestamartRead more...
This is the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever thread Read more...
So what is everyone doing this weekend?
My Neighbor and Her Dogs Are Driving Me Crazy Read more...
Video-game-playing Mecha folks? Since someone brought it up, I thought that perhaps folks who are into this sort of thing would like to share their WoW names, Live! gamertags, Nintendo Wifi friend codes, etc.
post by: box at: 11:57 | 8 comments
Lou Rawls dead at 72 You'll never find another voice like his.
C-SPan Transcripts Congressmen Jack Murtha and Jim Moran were on a C-Span2 Town Hall Meeting last night. I would very much like to find a transcript but CSpan isn't even listing the show yet!Read more...
Les Toil (nsfwish) is an old name to me, but I dunno how well known he is outside his niche.Read more...
One of the other three or four greatest records in the history of recorded sound, and a perfect song for today. The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind
Chicago! How do I love thee, but I swear you tried to kill me. Read more...
Should I give up coffee?
Will anyone be in Vegas 1/21 - 1/24? (I mean, besides me.)
A Day in the Life of a Peasant "In our effort to bring you the very worst of the Middle Ages, we've compiled a day in the life of a French peasant who encounters such giggly things as ergot poisoning, leprosy, starvation, and the eventual overthrowing of his lord. Cat torture! Strange religions! Self-flagellation! All this and more". One of the many irreverent (but factual) articles from History House. (Mechans may also love "Love a Fez" parts I and II: The History of the Fez in Turkey.)
post by: taz at: 07:28 | 5 comments
THIS THREAD IS sponsored by the Shouting Commission.
How cool is this? ...I came across the story "Who Put the Bomp?" by Nick Mamatas and Eliani Torres. It made it past the first couple of cuts for the magazine but when it came time to make final cuts, I cut it ...
Aliens!!!-sort of (pdf) THE RED RAIN PHENOMENON OF KERALA AND ITS POSSIBLE EXTRATERRESTRIAL ORIGIN. A Paper in the journal Astrophysics and Space Science.
post by: dhruva at: 01:42
Tips on persuading DG to let me deejay?
Chicago meetup pictures! Okay, so they're not from tonight's meetup, but I just developed the roll from November! Speaking of tonight's meetup...Read more...

05 January 2006

Radio Moonbird: Thusday night grab bag. @ 45 past the hour - 23 songs of overall contentment on a very cold night.
Patrick Swayze shizzles yo jonmc may have a new hero.
"Iconic" BBC Video (but only for UKians). The BBC has posted a collection of video clips from their archives, but only for UK folks and under the Creative Archive License. I'm envious from here on the eastern coast of North America.
the owner of this penis: your lights are on (possibly NSFW) don't drain your battery.
it's this penis owner's birthday
please wish him a happy penis
UWS playing some tunage Hip-hop/electro i think
I demand you come to Florida And hang out with me. Right now.

I'll pick you up at the airport tomorrow. Good day.
If you really love me you'll...
sorry but it must be told i try not to be political butRead more...
Any alternatives to YouSendIt? I have a couple songs I really, really need to share now, and YSI's unhappy.
sony reader we wantss thisss. now. (but only if it can read pdf, anyway)
Blame Canada!!! I'm coming up on a last-minute trip--15th-17th in Ottawa, 17-21 in Montreal! Who wants to meetup? : >
Dios (Malos) the first MeFi User tribute band.
I Don't Know, and I Don't Care, but if I Did, What Would it Be?
I Smell New Jersey -- Evidence appears to be mounting that the mysterious "maple syrup" smell which puzzled New Yorkers on Oct. 27 and Dec. 8 may have emanated from New Jersey.
Mecha Radio Welcomes Selfnoise Or I hope so anyway. Starting around 5:50? Some jazz, some funky stuff.Read more...
Rupert the Ripper IRC denizens, especially Frisbee Girl, will recall the tales of my clothing-eating cat. I've posted to AskMe to see if I can get a random web-based diagnosis, or at least anecdotes to show me that I'm not alone.
Have you seen this Killer Cat before I'm 90% positive someone posted this picture on metachat or metafilter. Read more...
Nouveau blues, anyone? Just found this while working and the cursory listen shows that I really like her chops:Read more...
If you fail to act, you may be acquiescing in the preliminary shots of a global thermonuclear war. Thank you for reading my message.
Because all of us slaving on the j-o-b need a boost right now, here's one of the three or four greatest songs in the history of recorded sound: Cheap Trick - Surrender
What is the next item in this sequence? Beaver, Beaver, ...
Radio b - Rainy Thursday Dog-Walking Blues My dog hates walking in the rain. As soon as we get back (possibly as soon as five minutes from when I post this), I will commence broadcast.
Swimming Updates! That means you, Lola!
I'm stuck at work... with little to do, waiting for this copy to finish. So, anyone fancy a blast on the IRC.
Appropriate? I think we can do better. I so want to suggest Afternoon Delight, but that would be against the guidelines. Any other good (bad) ideas?
What's a vinyl pan? this voicemail makes me curious.
"Every man must have a sex! MUST!!!" Hey, it's the amusing spam subject line thread!
ThePinkSuperhero, we need you to cheer! Who's with me on not smoking?! Woo!
Have you ever had ESP? Please share your ESP experiences here. Read more...
The Quitter's Club: License to Bitch? For those of you who have successfully quit smoking or know people who have, I've got a question:Read more...
So....what are you doing tonight?
Help me identify The Perfect Lamp! I've seen it, but don't know what it's called or where to find it.Read more...
What's a "half muslim"? - Mahesh Bhatt, who is half Muslim, says his film will seek to spread the message that Islam is a religion of peace and compassion.
An interview with the elegant and talented Mrs. Pants. I searched but I couldn't find this posted here. Be sure to scroll through her paintings to the right.
Music Box How about some Radio Mecha while I'm supposed to be working?
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If I had a coffee-table, these books would be on it. What books are on your coffee-table (real or imaginary)?
i found a nude pic on the net of my moth Read more...
Christine Quinn now has the 2nd most powerful job in NYC Govt--City Council Speaker. You go! : >
This may be the best simulation of human behavior yet implemented. [Java, frogs]
ASK MECHA: Moving to Russia. Hey everyone. I'm moving to Russia for a year or so. Anyone have any recommendations for calling cards to call home with?

and... any other advice?

I leave tomorrow. Wish me luck!
HOW DOES SHE DO IT? How is my roommate always in the shower when I wake up? Read more...
The Culture of Life. If this story is on the up-and-up, I am horrified.
Ask MeCha: What's the famous quote comparing our lives to leaves floating down a river? What are some famous examples of places this idea is expressed?
Sweet Zombie Jesus Futurama may be coming back...Faux news may suck, but at least their regular programming channel can admit mistakes (as they did with Family Guy).
My weird ex It has come to my attention that my ex of a couple years has started posting about us in his blog.
Turkey diagnoses human bird flu Joins staff at Metropolitan Hospital
lost AND found not about the tv show
Texas Radio Redux. in honor of the National Champion Texas Longhorns. (Yes, I am an alum, and yes, I'm proud.)

Suck it, haters.

On now.
Gluteus maximus We have a boob thread and a multiple penis threads, so how about a butt thread?
Publishers toss Booker winners into the reject pile "They can’t judge a book without its cover. Publishers and agents have rejected two Booker prize-winning novels submitted as works by aspiring authors."

04 January 2006

i haven't shaved in four days
I stand corrected.
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Wooooo! I'm wearing all my ties and watching House on DVD. What are you up to?
Announcing the MetaChat Book of the Month for January. You have selected to read Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro.Read more...
Ultra-tricky movie quote thread! I've got no prizes other than my enduring loyalty, but from what movie did these lines come...?Read more...
I'm going to #metachat! Who's with me?
So how do I stop being a nihilist? I'm genuinely curious. I just received an invite to this torrent site. I'm leaning towards this being spam (though gmail usually catches these kind of offers), but I didn't want to pass up a good thing if it's not. Anyone familiar with this tracker?
Guess what someone right next to me was reading on the subway just now? That's right--Cloud Atlas. This is a reminder, and also a schedule change--we'll start discussing it on Saturday, the 7th...look for a "Bookclub" post then. Email with questions, concerns, etc...get reading, folks! : >
Go-o-o-l-den Retriever!
Mortified! God, I have been a posting bunny/work neglector today (we get a new boss next week so I am taking advatage). Mortification follows.

IDM/Glitch Hop Radio. Specifically a dubstep mix by SKREAM. For the next hour or so.
What's wrong with the penii? Inspired by the thread on Specklet's breasts... Read more...
What with the Wiki, IRC, Radio MeCha, the site itself, as well as still occasionally looking at AskMe and MetaFilter proper, MetaChat is threatening to become a slack vortex that will siphon off every last molecule of my productivity. That is all.
Everything old is new again Actually, this is pretty freakin' cool in it's own way.Read more...
A survey for LA/SoCal bunnies. Please choose the response that you agree most strongly with:Read more...
I feel so pasty today! So tell me how you feel about tan-ness. Because I've really been wondering.
Specklet's boobs! The wiki got me in trouble. Luckily I have an office but still...I mean they are great and all. Fantastic but aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

People stop doing this to me while I can't smoke!
I feel posty today too! So, I just remembered I had a MeCha dream last night!
I feel so posty today! So tell me how you feel about sluttiness. Because I've really been wondering.
The tax man cometh I've been asked my my better half to research free tax software. Any recommendations (XP, and free)?
My friends, it's happened again. I need advice. [mi]

sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own
So, yesterday, I went to the post office
Hello Chicago! Are we still on for tomorrow night?
So, has anyone ever tried to recruit you into a cult, MLM, or Ponzi Scheme? I'm being aggressively recruited to go to a 'guest event' for an organization called "The Legacy Center."Read more...
I thought MetaChat was a place for friendly chat DanOStuporStar/Anus/Richard M. apparently thinks it's a repository of evidence against people on his enemies' list. I think that's misuse and bad form.
I think I'm a thread killer. *sniff*
I over did it at the gym.
we need a flat full of fat boys and Frisbee, check this thread for updates on the stuff i said i'd try to hunt downRead more...
McNugget Numbers. Even mathematicians are odd.
Why men know better than to ask for directions. OR wow, people can be shits at times.

03 January 2006

Random Radio Matildaben - brought to you by the letter F .... As soon as mudpuppie's texas set is over, about 15 minutes from now.
Garden question!
a sword has but one purpose!
Homesick radio. Texas musicians (or people who briefly lived in Austin) broadcasting now-ish.
Ajaxy request I have no desire to learn how to do ajax ui. But if someone out there is pretty good at it, I'd like to see a demonstration of the following. When it's agreed that it works well and looks good, I've an idea or two for putting it to good use.Read more...
Dame! I did it!
Sad, Freaky News. I was a fan of the Father's band House Of Freaks back in the mid 80's. Stumbled on this news by chance. Damn shame.
So, I noticed this ozone/burning metal smell.
There's a turtle in a bucket on my desk ... Well not really my desk, my cube-neighbor's desk. My co-worker took her to the vet this morning and now she's hanging out in the technology department waiting to go home. I don't have a camera phone, so no photos. Apparently her name is Froggie (or Froggy or Froggey).
Hug me? I just had a fight with my father and would appreciate a virtual hug. Sorry, I'm not that active a MeCha member but try to bear with me.
Make your own MTA sign NYCFilter: Make your own MTA sign.