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Archives for: May 2005

31 May 2005

Dumbass technophobe question How the hell do you set up Trillian for irc for MeFiChat? I've used irc, a long time ago, but I can't figure out how to set Trillian up to connect to the MeFi server.
Another day, another JRun Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
Could not connect to JRun Server.
post by: dg at: 19:12 | 11 comments
TPM Cafe launches --from Talking Points Memo (and others)--kinda like a smarter version of Huffington (or here) ; >
You want the <strike> tag? Then kiss my arse losers! Why of course you can!
This is MetaChat, right? According to Google, these things are metas. We should chat about them.
Rumsfeld and the Emperor. Twins separated at birth? You decide.
I knew it would suck. I seriously underestimated the power of it's suckage. Yep, it's the new Star Wars film.
[spoilers inside - like you could possibly spoil this]
Girl Zone? I'm just curious. I know bunnies are emblematic of MeFi, but was the MeCha white bunny with pink ears selected to make MeCha more girl-friendly as a counterbalance to the boy-zone mentality of MeFi? (...not that there's anything wrong with that...)
since you're all here, you might as well look at some glass flowers
Damn and Blast Could not connect to JRun Server.

30 May 2005

Best MeFi Posts of the Past 72 hours:
Best Symbolism:
DeepFriedTwinkies's Symbolic Gesture

Best Post Demonstrating Redeeming Social Value of Livejournal:
Madamejujujive's Uniform Passion
"I especially liked the white-helmeted proctologist talking to the two military men."

Best Weird Resource:
Tufa's Collier Taxonomy Post
"Unidentifiable cruft just accrues amongst it at unnatural rates....Broken parts. Found objects. Lost objects. Unidentifiable spontaneous materializations populating drawers, moving boxes, pockets and bags."

Best Story of Redemption:
dhruva's Scattered Leaves
"In hell Otto Ege & Company are unseamed and sold to a thousand fat demons from whom they must buy back the bits with vile acts and stitch themselves together."

Best Comments Saving a Lame-ass Post Redux:
longsleeves' Puerile Adolescent Snickering
" this is all very arcane from an eponymous blargh standpoint"

I'm not sucking up, I swear:
Taz's Musical Curiosities, Obscurities and other Unearthed Treasures
"Edelweiss Pirates, Swing Kids & Charlie And His Orchestra"

Best Place for a Bar-b-que:
plep's Evolution of the American Front Porch
"If porches were capable of offering what they used to offer -- peaceful places to sit and talk to family and neighbors -- people would gladly pay for them. But front porches become unpleasant as traffic increases, roads are widened at the expense of front lawns, and neighborhoods change from families you have known for years and seen on the walks every day to anonymous people who waddle straight from their front doors to their cars and back."
Best Memorial Day MeFi Meltdown More MeFi roadkill. I almost feel bad about participating in the pile-on. Almost.
Failed to connect The host could not be contacted. If this persists, you should contact the administrator of the remote site.
post by: dg at: 18:05 | 10 comments
Help me find out who this poet is. "When young we mourn for one woman,
as we grow old, for women in general.

The tragedy of life is that man is never free, but strives for what can never be.

The thing most feared in dreams, always happens. My life, my love, where are they now?

But the more the pain grows, the more this instinct for life somehow asserts itself.

The necessary beauty in life is in giving yourself to it completely. Only later will it clarify itself and become coherent."
JRun rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run.
Make This Ice Cream! I hear tell that this is the world's most orgasmically delicious ice cream. Everyone I know who's made it has absolutely raved. It looks simple enough, right?
Minneapolis comes thru for Memorial Day --...In exchange for our uniformed young people's willingness to offer the gift of their lives, civilian Americans owe them something important: It is our duty to ensure that they never are called to make that sacrifice unless it is truly necessary for the security of the country. In the case of Iraq, the American public has failed them; we did not prevent the Bush administration from spending their blood in an unnecessary war based on contrived concerns about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. President Bush and those around him lied, and the rest of us let them. Harsh? Yes. True? Also yes. Perhaps it happened because Americans, understandably, don't expect untruths from those in power. But that works better as an explanation than as an excuse.
Hm. This seems to remind me of something... If only I could remember what. From the works of Amanda Morley, via Drawn! a collaborative blog about art and illustration created by mefite Robot Johnny, and including as a contributor mefite Hands of Manos, among others. (see also, this Mefi thread)
post by: taz at: 05:03 | 6 comments

29 May 2005

Hello. Is it me you're looking for? [mpg] [via b3ta]
Rama Lama ding dong forever, baby
(.wmv movie file); Some knowledge of City of Heroes is helpful
ufo in Vegas --windows media--Prophet Yahweh summons one on cue.

(and you furriners can see what a local lead story on our evening news is)
Help Me Locate a Career Resources AxMe Someone posted an AxMe question about needing free online career resources. IIRC he is in a foreign country teaching students English. This was in the last month or so. Anyone remember that?
ARRRR! PIRATE SPAM! I just got this piece of lunacy in my gmail spambox. Arr. See inside, ye scurvy dog.
Girls are pretty. Despite the obvious terror of being caught you do it anyway. This is a new place for you, and you're desparate to join the community. Your hands are shaking as you type the letters into the oblivious white box. You press preview, and the you press post, and it's done. You've done it and you can't wait to see what people say. "Will they like me", you think, but you don't know. You have to wait. Happy Reposting "Girls are Pretty" day.
Update 2 for emcee Well, it looks like we're pretty much winding it up; I've received images from everyone who said they wanted to play. Now, for the details...Read more...
post by: taz at: 01:48 | 7 comments

28 May 2005

Too Silly for AskMe... Th' wife and I were having a discussion. Say I made a shiny red pleather outfit with a blue chest piece and yellow lightning bolts on the sleeves. Say I topped off this ensemble with an oversize leopard print policeman's cap (like the guy from Cameo wore in the "Candy" video), welding goggles, and red and white striped go-go boots. Wearing this ensemble, I go out into the street and flag down the first vehicle I see. The citizen rolls down his window and I proclaim: "As a member of the UNITED STATES ELECTRO POLICE I am commandeering your vehicle. Take me to Pizza Hut, citizen."

If the driver sincerely believes that I am part of the USEP, even though no such organization exsists, have I just commited the felony of impersonating a federal officer, or was this a lesser kind of fraud?
Internet Explorer - We discovered the web. Check out this humorous parody site created for Microsoft's browser Internet Explorer. Something tells me this won't be up for too much longer though.
Holy smokes this is a cool post! I don't want anyone to miss it. DeepFriedTwinkies, yum.

27 May 2005

Best MeFi Posts of the Past 24 hours:
Best of the Best: LeeJay's Passion of the Tchotchkes

Best Timewaster: Sibrax's Maze of Twisty Flash Games, All Alike

Best Philatelic Experience: chicken nuglet's Scientific Americans Post

Best Defenestration Daydreams: nylon's Window Standpoint

Runner-up Entry - Best Comments Saving a Lame-ass Post: Capn's Birthday Party for Himself

Honorable Mention: neilkod's Beeping House
I include this only becasue I'm now dying to know how it turns out
Mmmm, roach shake Not safe for weak stomachs, I'm guessing.
The page cannot be displayed The page you are looking for is currently unavailable.
MetaChat Favicon, Part 3, or maybe 4. Come inside.
Seatbelt problems This is too stupid to waste an AskMe on, but what do I do about a seatbelt that is biting into my neck? I'm not very short (exactly average for my generation and gender), but I have to scoot the seat pretty far up to reach the pedals, and the part where the seatbelt anchors onto the window pillar is not adjustable. Do I just get one of those dorky-looking sheepskin sheaths to cushion the blow? Or is there some kind of trick I can do to lower the fulcrum point?
Are you street enough? Can you purl down with these Gangsta Knitters?(.mov file, sound). I'd like to think they're the ones whipping up these superhero costumes.
It's Official As of today I am too 1337 for memepool. Has anyone been there lately? In the words of a friend, "yeah memepool is totally an antiquated relic of the paleoblogoshere." It used to be that it had the cool stuff that didn't make it to boingboing, now links are up that have been on mefi for weeks.
Mobile phone advice. I'm completely ignorant when it comes to mobile phones as I've spent most of time avoiding the damn things. Now I think it'd be nice to have a smartphone, because it'd be really handy to have access to e-mail and to a basic calendar - web browsing would be good too. I already have a very good contract so it looks like I'll be buying SIM free and I've got a budget of about £250 at the most. Any recommendations? Anything I should avoid?
Update on emcee #1 collaboration. So, here's where we stand at the moment (original post here). I am expecting one more, for sure, from amberglow, and would be happy to receive any more submissions.Read more...
AskMeFi Hyperpost Is it me or is it really freakin' strange to have the front page turn over in AskMe in like 18 hours?? Damn. I posted a Q about this time yesterday and it's gone. pfft.
weird page cut-off
is anyone else getting the page cut-off at the bottom in an odd manner? it's happened several times. firefox 1.0.4 xp

26 May 2005

Chapelle Corby guilty Don't plan any holidays to Bali for a while, will you? If you do, it may be better to take no luggage and buy everything you need when you arrive.
post by: dg at: 23:49 | 16 comments
Failed to connect The host could not be contacted. If this persists, you should contact the administrator of the remote site.
post by: dg at: 23:09 | 21 comments
Even Clear Channel is sick of Clear Channel The company has set up a fake pirate radio station [taken down, 5/26/05] in Akron, Ohio, which it's using to hurl insults at other Clear Channel stations. props to WOXY
Goulet scrunched up his eyes and spoke rapid gibberish in a high-pitched nasal singsong, then added, "Japan would probably be the same thing."

How about that. Robert Goulet's manager (and wife, apparently) really is named Vera.
Best MeFi Posts of the Past 24 hours:

Best Weblogs to Read Before Lunch: gilgamix's Burger and a Slice

Best 'We Had To Burn The Village In Order To Save It' Post: dersins' Contagious Media Madness

Best AskMe: anonymous' Erection Post

Best Mysterious Silence: kirkaracha's The Secret Way To War

Runner-up Post I'm Embarassed To Find Amusing: fenriq's MLB Porn Mustache Post
Bikini Hawtness! April had a hard time finding a bikini that didn't make her look fat.
For The Foodies. Authentic Italian recipes from Marcus Gavius Apicius' ancient Roman cookbook "De Re Coquinaria", first printed in the 4th century AD, compiled from his recipes and notes. Apicius was a wealthy merchant who lived during the reign of Tiberius. His colossal and extravagant banquets allegedly drove him to bankruptcy, and then suicide. He left behind a cookbook so prized that it's been preserved, in numerous editions, to the present day. I'd really love to hear from anyone who's prepared any of these dishes!
Sorry, guys, but please help me find something... The excellent article posted at MeFi about the woman who was something like the "first lady" of forensic investigation in the U.S.? She made tiny, incredibly accurate doll-house-size reproductions of the scenes of the crimes? It was a fascinating story, but I can't find it by searching tags "forensic"/"forensics" at mefi, or by any of my early desultory google searches, and I don't want to spend a lot more time looking. Anybody have it bookmarked?
Step one: Pour beer.
Step two: Firmly grasp hank o'kimchi with stainless steel chopsticks (warning: lesser chopsticks may disintegrate!)
Step three: Swirl kimchi chunk in beer, washing off delicious fermented redpepper and garlic gunge.
Step four: Eat kimchi.
Step five: Drink beer.
Step six: ???
Step seven: PROFIT!
(this workshop brought to you by your happy internet friends at wonderchicken industries™! We do it so you don't have to!)
Paul Klee and the colors of war Searching for camoflage patterns to make a distinctive pair of pants, I discovered Paul Klee's connection with the Königlich Bayerischen Fliegertruppen. Depend on that Halberstadt CL IV pattern to make me some erschrokenlich pants, nicht wahr?

25 May 2005

Best MeFi Posts of the Past 24 hours:
Best Interaction Between User Name and Post Topic: blahblahblah's 100 Greatest American Speeches

Best RIP: Faint of Butt's Thurl Ravenscroft Obit

Best NSFW Weirdness: madamjujujive's When beefcake and robots collide

Best Parody Site: WaterSprite's Longmire Does Romance Novels
complete with a single, weird-ass non-sequeter comment

As someone who blows up light bulbs amongst other things on a regular basis, i'm wondering where this might go once/if they venture past the obvious/logical.
What? So, this knife butt thing? What dat all about? I hate it when I miss out on new injokes and stuff.
I'm Glad You're Here.... Undeniably creepy but laughable mini movies, perfect for anyone with a Brawny Man fetish.
post by: iconomy at: 19:09
I'm going to stick a screwdriver up my nose and then light my crotch on fire
So, I have an idea.... Actually, I want to steal an idea. See this? It's a collaborative... something... from, and I'd like us to do the same thing, if anyone's interested. Here's how it would work: maybe every month or so, anyone who wants to participate contributes a 300x375-pixel panel (or two of the same size to be stacked side by side), and just like the example, we have serial editions of these collaborations. I've started the first one, as an example.Read more...
3D Pulp Fiction I found this via Audioscrobbler, somehow.
All the world will be your enemy, prince of a thousand enemies, and when they catch you, they will kill you.

24 May 2005

pony request! new post, profile, and logout/login links at the bottom of the page?
Best MeFi Posts of the Past 24 hours: Best of the Best: billysumday's baseball post

Best Pop Culture Post: boymilo's History of the Batmobile

Best Camoflaught of a Newsfilter Post: ktoad's NH Zombie Attack

Best Religion Post: mediareport's Virgin Mary Post

Posted with many apologies to Y6Y6Y6 and his great mfdistilled project.
What's the most boring website you've ever been to? This'd have to be my submission.
Excellent Photos ! Think: Keystone Kops Meet Photoshop
Some bits to whet the apetite.
OMG !!! Phil Spector outweirds Michael Jackson
Argh! The connection was refused when attempting to contact
Is this what Metachat is going to become? Is Metachat a place to just air pathetic partisan hatred merely because someone has different politics? Or should it be a lighthearted place to chit-chat? I submit that it should be the latter. At Metafilter, we can see how pathetically invested people can be with their politics to the point they can only hate The Other, but maybe we should keep that kind of black-hearted poisoning out of this light-hearted place.
The force is strong in this ... Arghhhhghh. In which two people discover that fluorescent tubes filled with petrol do not good light sabres make. (No video, sketchy newsfiller story, blah)
what a day to forget my cyanide capsule Remember the whole un owen debacle? I recall someone posting links for emergency financial assistance or loans, and I can't find them for the life of me.Read more...
This database lists all the companies registered in Britain. I'm currently keeping myself amused by looking for stupid company names and I think PUKEKO DESIGN SERVICES LIMITED is pretty unbeatable.
42 Below Vodka says "thank you" to Britain: Your great nation invented cricket for the Aussies, rugby for the Kiwis and Robbie Williams for the gays.
Thanks Monkeys
Lightsaber fights. Using glass tubes. Filled with flaming gasoline. What could possibly go wrong?
An Image Puzzle. Just find the url to the next page, printed somewhere in the image. Easy! At least...I think it's easy. I can't get past the all white one.
People with damaged frontal lobes cannot detect sarcasm. This could explain a lot.

23 May 2005

Meet Yuebing :: Did you know that Oolong's owner got new rabbit? Her name is Yuebing, and (guess what!) She can balance things on his head.
Listen... I know we haven't known each other for that long, but it feels like I've been with you forever. You're the only meta site I check anymore. MetaChat, will you marry me?Read more...
Found City Folksonomy does googlemaps does Manhattan.
Black girl Oops.
Don't Convert to the Jedi Faith "I suspect that Lucas realized, after writing 'Good is a point of view,' that all his friends actually believed that. So he had to make it clear that moral relativism was the right way after all—so he had Obi-Wan say that absolutism was a Sith thing, even though in the actual story, the best of the Jedis show an unbending commitment to absolute Good. It’s a terrible thing, I suppose, for a writer to invent a religion and then discover that he and all his friends are on the wrong side of it".
Also: Darth Vader's Karma.
Quiz: The Religion of 'Star Wars'
Get thee to a corsetiere This is one freakin' all encompassing site. I can't believe just how much information they've got stowed in here. Obsessional to the point of fetish.
Methods of Becoming a Horse But why a horse? Why not a unicorn? Or an elephant? Or a weasel?
KAT <esch> I think metachat is gay.
spam casserole. Okay, I just this minute got a silly spam that made me laugh, and I'm pretty jaded about surreal spam. Contents inside:Read more...
post by: taz at: 11:01 | 9 comments
Brits Statistically most European Europeans.
French Statistically least European.
(From the lies, damned lies and also copied from SlashDot department)
Favicon, part II So, more to chew on: I've added Wendell's (2a), but the problem I have with this one is that without the ears showing up so well, it's hard to tell it's a bunny - it looks more like a bear to me. I've also modified the original bunny image to be a bit more elegant (2b); I tried about a dozen different things to get a pancake in there as well, but they all looked like doody. The closest I could manage to a non-doody was 2c. Plus I added two more possibilities: a very simple "MC" for MetaChat (3), and a stylized pancake, with butter (4). (I totally threw out the bunny head, which we all agreed wasn't good).
Calling all Mac users: I've had a report from new user ethylene (welcome!) that the links on the grey bar up there aren't clickable on Firefox 1.0.4. Anyone else seeing this problem?

22 May 2005

howcome? hands on the comments pages? grabbing the bunny? a peta guy? ???
Enough with the Drama Queens, here's a Comedic Queen (Not the best parody band ever, but, hey, they're German!)
Was your meat smarter than your pet? Apart from the fact that it's in the running for the worst headline in recent memory, this article brings up some interesting points. Apparently pigs and sheep are more intelligent than dogs. Then again, dogs can't give us bacon. What do you think? Should our food supply be limited to less intelligent species?
The JRuns are cured Looks like the site is back up again.
Is this the way to Amarillo? (UK version) (Iraq version)
Got a few grand laying around? Why not spend the day in a jet, screaming like a little girl?
Oh, but it's not a crusade...sure (big pic from us marine corps--look at the barrel)
Blair Hornstine Redux? "...all is not perfect in the lives of Pawel and Joanna Keblinski and their daughter Julia, 17, a Shenendehowa High School senior."
post by: ericb at: 11:32
If an infinite number of monkeys given an infinite amount of time could type the complete works of William Shakespeare, it'd probably only take about six monkeys three months to write Internet Explorer. I've introduced a whole bunch of fixes today to get around the dismal browser, and I've tested them as best I can, but I might have introduced some other problems so scream in this thread if you see anything. Thanks
Secret Stash? I've been spending time lately at plep- and blort-ish sites like Exclamation Mark, growabrain, Cynical-C, and was wondering about other, lesser-known blogs that regularly unearth neat visual/historical stuff.
Jrun away! Cannot connect to jrun server 10:26 am EST
Here are three possibilites for the metachat favicon. I'm not crazy about the last one; I think it doesn't read that well, and looks maybe too much like the playboy logo.

21 May 2005

Ask MeCha: I remember seeing an ad for a new CD/DVD burner that could also print a label directly onto the top of the disk. I thought it was an awesome concept, but I can't seem to find info about it anywhere. Anyone (all 12 of you) know anything?
Pentagon vows to probe Saddam photos
Officials promise to spare no rod in exposing the root of this bulging controversy.
I've made a Ta-da List for MetaChat. Please let me know if I've left off anything that has been mentioned in previous posts. Also, I think the IE-highlighting bug is in the CSS, which is really messy. I'm going to try to work that out today, so if you see the site suddenly go wonky at all, it'll probably be me trying out a fix.
Everybody puts on their pants one leg at a time. Question is, which leg do you put on first?

20 May 2005

Let's Talk about quonsar, dios, and Alex Reynolds some more.
Puppet account roll call: Don't be shy. Admit your puppetude.
Will anyone clean up the Santorum on the Senate floor? Republican Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania said Democrats have abused the filibuster.

"The audacity of some members to stand up and say 'How dare you break this rule,'" Santorum said on the Senate floor Thursday.

"It's the equivalent of Adolf Hitler in 1942 saying, 'I'm in Paris. How dare you invade me. How dare you bomb my city? It's mine.' "
Boxers or briefs? Now we know. The liberal media releases images of Sadaam Hussein in his underwear.

Advantage: no one.
Spankin' clean! I may live to be a
Tunes: Heard Von Iva yet? [Stream MP3] [MP3] [QT Video]
Pirate pride, ninja nay-saying Last week was the beginning of Ninja Respect Month and also Pirate Pride Week, a scheduling conflict that is equivalent to hosting a presidential address the same night as the World Series.
Here's a video of me dancing at my wedding, for those who are interested.

via the greatness of the everlasting blort
oh, no! oh, no! What happened to genefilter? I'm bereft!
post by: taz at: 11:15 | 4 comments
Quonsar - So he has a reputation as a "metafilter terrorist" and some say he has a "withered, blackened soul". Yet he gave me CSS advice in MeTa once and was helpful via IM. I think he is just misunderstood and needs a hug. Group hug, everyone?
Beer! Is this a good place to post arbitrary self-links when I've been drinking? Because I like drinking, and I like posting, and I like linking myself, and I like the prefix 'meta-' a whole lot. These are some of the things that I like.

Oh, and beer. Man oh man, I like me some beer.
Site news: Images can no longer be posted to the front page or to comments. Sorry about that, but a whiny minority of fascist mind control freaks complained that they don't want to look at lacerated anuses. Jeesh, grow a thicker skin people.*

* Note for the hard of thinking: I'm being sarcastic.
Three William Shatners. Singing Rocket Man. Very bad.
The Golden Age has passed I remember when MetaChat was cool. I has now been ruined by all the new people.
Good once, now bad Let's make a list of things that used to be good that have become bad.

19 May 2005

Security/Privacy Gap I'm getting automated e-mails whenever someone posts a comment to my previous thread--which is nice--but the mail messages are coming in "From" their individual addresses.
NSFW (pony) Content Inside
Dear buttes, Could you please stop posting the naughty pix? Thanks.
post by: taz at: 23:41 | 6 comments
Censorship already? So "Come on over and post about anything you damn well like." didn't really mean what it says?

I can sort of understand the dirty short story (kind of), but what about the lorem ipsum thread?
post by: dg at: 22:52 | 22 comments
is there a metachat lofi? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
A krunkified version of the Jackson 5's ABC (mp3) A krunkified version of the Jackson 5's ABC, to bring a little light to this already spooged-on place.
Logo. Agreed re: money shot.
SelfLinkaPalooza. I was wondering, If you could self-link any site onto Metafilter, then which self made site would you post? Go on... embarrass me with the exquisite talent of the metafiltarian.
Feature Request: MeFi Status Indicator As long as this is meant to be kind of a side space for folks when MeFi is down, how about some kind of graphical icon on the main page that represents the current status?
It's good to be square. Maybe this helps with the shakes? They're cute, at least.
AAAAAAAAGH. JRun error. *shakes* *bites nails, chainsmokes, licks the palm for guava*

Oh great, now it's timing out. Poo.
This is a neat idea. Thanks for putting in the time, money and effort into putting this together. At the very least, it will help us figure out whats going on when Metafilter is down!
God, I hate IE so much I really do.
Is Mefi down? It might be....
About the Third of Six. Since it will be the topic de rigueur for the next few days, let's just get it out there. So if you've seen it, say so. If you've anything to add to the multitudinous reviews, feel free. If you just want to slag on the franchise as a whole, you've had plenty of opportunity.
About the page.... There's all sorts of stuff that still needs to be done; as you noticed, the righthand links don't work and the logo isn't linked, etc., plus other little "beauty items" that need to be taken care of. Lot o' stuff; but I couldn't get into the site this morning when I had time to do some of that, and then I've been out all day, but I plan to take care of most of these items tomorrow morning (for you 'muricans, that would be late tonight). In the meantime, somebody give me a beer!
Foolsss YOU FOOLS!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? Me, not much... I just had some coffee.
Make this a Metafilter user-defined CSS. Until Matt does his damn redesign.
The New York Times on the Web An excellent site for general news and op-ed pieces. Check it out, friends.

Also, WikiPedia.

And Google. A nice search engine.

Oh, and MetaTalk, where you can complain about the inconsequential and draw attention to yourself, to get what you deserve (like goths).
Dios Can we premtively ban Dios?
Favicon pony I want a favicon. A little bunny or something.
Wurstteppich . I love Mortadella. C'mon couch potatos lets furnish our house with food.
Helping helpful links The "helpful links" along the right side of the page all point to the same (presumably incorrect) place.
Pancakes So who here likes pancakes?
MeFiSwap "Don't forget the
CD Swap!"

I have not forgotten, in fact I've been checking every day since May 4 to try to sign up for the latest round. Any news?
Huh. Extremely nice job with the CSS! However, goths still suck :(
Nice site.
I Wish you guys would stop it. I shower infrequently.
The bunnies are restless. Metachat officially launches. Post what you like.
Pretty site Hi taz, I love the way you
design your sites! Nice bunny!
(*waves at taz & dodgy geezer*)

18 May 2005

People It Is OK To Mock:
Button-down Abercrombic Republicans

People It Is Not OK To Mock:
See stavros - it does work